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    Gcalctool 5.28.2

    38 plus 41 divided by 2 equals 58.5? Did I miss a memo? Have mathematic operations changed? Does this program not support chain calculations? I was looking for $4.71 in my checking account. This...
  2. Re: HowTo: Speed up ubuntu boot process - the way you can feel it.

    The CONCURRENCY trick may work for some but on my AMD 6 core it makes absolutely no difference.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 'network error in weather' wont stop coming up

    This is the one. After ignoring this problem for a couple months I finally sat down today and decided to do something about it. The other fixes didn't work for me but this one did. Now the weather...
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    Re: Things that you hate in Ubuntu

    Give Unity time. It and Natty 11.04 are still in beta. It will get better. Personally I'm waiting for 12.04.1. Then I'll upgrade.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: backintime error: failed to take snapshot

    That would explain why the snapshots failed on either of my flash drives since I have them both formatted to FAT. I guess I can re-format them to NTFS as I would still like the backup info to be...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How to confrim syncing and should I stick with Ubuntu One?

    Did I get a free upgrade somehow? I'm on the free 2GB plan and I just synced 584.5MB and am showing 11.4% used. The percentage showing used was correct up until now. But hey at least I didn't get any...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: backintime error: failed to take snapshot

    Yup same story here. :confused: I had it working fine and don't even know why I upgraded it. I tried backing up to two different flash drives and same story on each. Hundreds and hundreds of...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Canon PIXMA MP250

    I got the MP250 working fine on 32bit 10.04 from info on this website: but I haven't checked it out lately and not sure if any of the info pertains to...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: package update error -- "awoken-icon-theme"

    Yup that does seem to have worked. Guess I should have tried that to begin with but didn't want to make things any worse than they already were. Thx.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: package update error -- "awoken-icon-theme"

    I guess I might as well sign up to this thread. I have the same problem. My error seems to be just the "science" icon. I also notice when I browse through /usr/share/icons/AwOken/clear/128x128/places...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Canon PIXMA mp 250 Printer Driver

    This link did the job for me. Printing and scanning functions seem to work quite well on my system running Lucid 10.04. I'm not sure if the links to the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Change Menu Bar Icon?

    Yes but what's the trick to get it to change with Tweak? After I change the graphic and choose 'yes' to make the changes take effect immediately my panels disappear and don't come back until I reboot...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade to Lucid Graphics Problem?

    Haven't tried the official work-around but after two months I finally changed the theme from Lucid's Ambiance back to a Shiki colors theme I had been using with Karmic and guess what? I opened up...
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    Re: ATi Open drivers are coming of age... :)

    Ok after reading through this voluminous thread I believe this post comes closest to addressing my problem. I'm running an ATI x1650 graphics card and upon upgrading from Karmic to Lucid I seem to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade to Lucid Graphics Problem?

    I have the same graphics card and have the exact same problem with Lucid. Karmic worked just fine with all effects enabled but Lucid is unusable unless all effects are disabled. I enjoy a little eye...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Canon PIXMA MP250

    Just installed the drivers for this printer yesterday (haven't installed the scanner drivers yet) but it seems to work flawlessly. One thing I haven't figured out (maybe I'm just not paying...
  17. Re: easy access to Ubnutu linux cumminty support documentation

    I think I have better luck with Google really. Most of the hits bring me right here to the forums but when I try to use the same search parameters from a forum page it's usually just a big 'ol mess....
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    [ubuntu] Re: pending problems after lts upgrade

    I just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04. I have the same problem with the password thing. It's quite annoying considering I have my system set up for no login password at all. But on the bright side from...
  19. Re: HOW TO: Change Ubuntu 10.04 WM buttons to 9.10 placement/order

    Yes but Ubuntu Tweak sucks.
  20. Re: HOWTO: Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files...

    Good posts by all and I personally I agree on erring on the side of caution. I'm new to Linux/Ubuntu but have been using Windows for close to 20 years although I'm Windows-free now and I have yet to...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Update Manager-How much of this stuff do I actually need?

    I see your reason for trying to simplify things for me and thanks but please don't judge me by my "beans". Although I am actually a complete Linux noob I've have had a computer in the house for...
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    Re: Should schools be using linux?

    "The only dumb questions are the ones not asked."

    Great sig, I completely agree...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Update Manager-How much of this stuff do I actually need?

    Will post screenshots of error messages. It will be a few...relatives in this weekend for visit and am distracted. :(
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Update Manager-How much of this stuff do I actually need?

    Thanks for a few useful tips. Saving hard drive space is always good even if you have a terabyte or two (which I certainly don't). I view saving disk space the same way I look at saving money...Just...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Empathy IRC

    Wow...first time I've ever goofed around with Empathy. Tried to connect to IRC and all I can say is I believe Empathy is one large p.o.s. Got to add it to my un-install list.
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