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    [lubuntu] copy dvd to iso

    I used to be able to just right click on a dvd folder on the desktop and select copy and copy the dvd to iso.
    I stopped using ubuntu for a year and suddenly this does not work any more.Do i need to...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Asus F8VA : any linux distribution failed during install process

    I have the same laptop and i had some problems .
    I really want to use ubuntu but it seems suse 11.1 is the only distro that works for me.And i'm getting used to it .There is a few people reporting...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Heads-up - Ubuntu Firefox 3.0.2 breaks compatibility with some sites

    I'm having the same problem managing a couple of sites on the officelive platform.I actually reinstalled win7 on my laptop to get some updates done for a client.Very inconvenient to say the least.
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