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    [Linux Mint] Computer doesn't bumblebeed at startup

    PREFIX: My problem was, initially, that optirun wouldn't work at all. However, when I went to get the terminal output for the console, it suddenly started working at all, which I am very happy about....
  2. X11 thinks I have five screens, generates wrong xorg.conf

    I've started having problems with my window manager. (My OS is LM 13 MATE 64-bit. My hardware is a mid-range Lenovo Thinkpad T430; it's supposed to use mostly integrated graphics, until I start up...
  3. [Linux Mint] Errors in installing Mathematica 9 on Linux Mint 13

    Hi, I'm running Linux Mint 13 Maya MATE Edition 64 bit. I downloaded the latest Mathematica installer off of the Wolfram website, and it's giving me a very inscrutable error that nobody seems to have...
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