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    [SOLVED] getting source code

    how do I go about getting source code for a program listed in the Software center?

    I found it with a Google search for 'gnome panel timer applet'

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    [ubuntu] KDE applications crashing in Gnome

    I seem to have an inordinate amount of apps written for the KDE environment (Kget), Kiconedit, and others) crashing in Gnome. I'm using Gnome 2 with Lucid Lynx. Anyone else run into this problem or...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Panel applet not working

    Yup, it was stupid. I had the Desktop Cube plugin activated, yet somehow deactivated the Rotate Cube plugin in CCSM. D'oh! ;]
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    [SOLVED] Panel applet not working

    I have no idea why or where to begin to diagnose the problem but my panel applet Workplace Switcher will not let me switch to another workspace. If I go to another workspace using Expo I cannot...
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    [ubuntu] problem with hidden file key(s)

    Not sure how to solve this:
    When I click the checkbox in the View menu to get the show hidden files option in Nautilus, it works. All the hidden files appear. But when I try to use the key-combo...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: simulate a key press in a bash script-request

    I have found a program through the Software Center that works great for this
    it's called xdotool
  7. [SOLVED] simulate a key press in a bash script-request

    I want to write a shell script that simulates entering a key. for example, ""
    will just simulate pressing the F3 key. Is there a way to do this?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Microprinting with Ubuntu

    here is my crude solution if anyone is interested

    cd dir_you_want_to_print

    ls -C | lp -o "cpi=24"
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    [ubuntu] Microprinting with Ubuntu

    Way back in the MS-DOS days I had a little program that would microprint the contents of a floppy drive. It would print the files, with a little border around and then you could cut it out and glue...
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    [ubuntu] Won't boot up automatically in Lucid

    Whenever I boot up Lucid now, I get the log-in prompt whereas I used to just boot right up into Lucid. Anybody know how to fix this? Also It's asking me for my keyring password which it never used to...
  11. Re: HOWTO: How to install PHP-GTK in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

    and search for your php.ini file. You may find two. Open each one and in gedit, look at application title bar and you'll see where the php.ini file is from. If it's in a cli directory, that's the...
  12. [ubuntu] No Desktop icons on boot- samba/compiz related

    when I boot up, I have an empty desktop, if I run " killall nautilus" in terminal to hopefully get my icons back this is what happens:

    steveray100@steveray100-desktop:~$ killall nautilus...
  13. Re: mount/unmount script for iso and img files

    Can this script be modified to mount the iso directly without asking for root password?
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    [ubuntu] Sound Specifications, where to find?

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of the complete sound specifications for Ubuntu? For Lucid if they are that specific. Thanks.

    Goofed up this post.
    What I meant was complete sound naming...
  15. [lubuntu] placing "nautilus" command in startup applications

    I placed the command 'nautilus' in using System > Startup Applications

    I named the command "Open Home'

    when I run 'nautilus' command in Terminal it opens my home folder
    yet when I place it in...
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    [ubuntu] Install three OS side-by-side

    I know that you can have Windows and ubuntu side-by side and then choose which one you want at boot but can you install three?
  17. [ubuntu] Add Double Scroll Arrows to Both Ends of the Scroll Bar in ubuntu

    Is there a way to modify Ubuntu (Maverick-10.10) so you can have Double Scroll Arrows(up and down arrows) at both ends of the scroll bar?
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    [ubuntu] No Menu in Terminal

    IF I run gnome-terminal as root, I get the menu selections . IF I run terminal normally, I do not get the menu. Completely baffled . How do I get my menus back?
  19. [ubuntu] Software center won't let me install or remove programs

    I don't know what I did to cause this to happen (see attachment) but I can no longer remove or install software from the software center. Nor do I even know where to start. HELP!

  20. [lubuntu] Programs not listed in Startup Applications keep loading at boot

    Everytime I logout or restart or shutdown and reboot, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Rythmbox keep loading automatically, yet I do not have them listed in Startup Applications nor do I have the...
  21. [ubuntu] cd/dvd creator quitting as soon as I add a folder or file

    I start cd/dvd creator, the window opens. It says drag a file or folder to the window I tried to drag a folder to it and the window changes to file browser window with the files and folders in the...
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    [ubuntu] apt-get install repository error

    I just ran apt-get update and I received the following error:

    W: Failed to fetch Something wicked happened...
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    [ubuntu] Will autokey solve this?

    I use the Take Screenshot program and 99% of the time I am taking clips of areas of the screen rather than a screen shot or capturing a window. to do this I constantly have to click the button...
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    [ubuntu] Virtualbox crashing

    I installed virtualbox 4.1 from oracle through their website but it did not work poroperly. So I removed it and then installed the one available through the repository. I set up a virtual Windows...
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    [lubuntu] boot drive won't boot up.

    I was trying to get my other hard drive to mount on boot so I installed mount manager, It didn't seem to work so I tried going over some instructions I was given about using fstab. I put the UUID of...
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