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  1. Marks Shuttleworth's message to all Ubuntu haters.

    Hi.I read an article of Mark Shuttleworth in his website and I totally agree with the highlighted points which he said to the people within Ubuntu community should...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Black booting screen after installing Nvidia geforce driver.

    Thanks guys that helped me and i also found an excellent guide to do this ---> . Thanks again!!:P
  3. [ubuntu] Black booting screen after installing Nvidia geforce driver.

    Hi.I have Ubuntu 12.10 32 bit and I recently installed nvidia driver in my desktop.I am facing no issues just that the Ubuntu booting screen doesn't come and instead of a black screen is shown and...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: create a pan(personel area network) by bluetooth over two ubuntu systems(11.10)

    hi.I figured a way to do it -->I installed Bluetooth manager(in software center type blueman) in laptop as well as in my desktop and in local services i enabled NAP service and that solved my problem.
  5. [ubuntu] how to upgrade from 12.10 32 bit to 13.04 32 bit trough live dvd.

    hi. I currently have Ubuntu 12.10 and I want to upgrade to 13.04 safely and without losing any apps(especially steam) via live DVD because i have a limited internet connection (just 1 GB broadband...
  6. Thread: ClamAV

    by arnav803

    [ubuntu] Re: ClamAV

    First of all ubuntu is based on linux and as we know there is very little chance for a linux virus to infect or create havoc in a system as ubuntu is open-source os developer from all around the...
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    [ubuntu] Problems with online account facebook

    hi I have ubutnu 12.10 and the problem i am facing is that i am unable to add my facebook account to online accounts when i click on the add account tab a page in firefox opens and asks for my...
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    Can we get steam for linux games in dvd?

    Hi.i have ubuntu 12.10 32 bit and i wanted to know that if i can get steam games for linux like serious sam 3 on dvd as i dont have fast connection and my broadband connection is very limited just...
  9. [ubuntu] use wvdial to connect to internet through gsm usb modem.

    hi.I have ubuntu 12.04 and i wanted to know that how to connect to internet through wvdial using ZTE MF180 HSDPA gms modem.My service provider is Bsnl(india) and APN=bsnlnet and dial up no.-->*99#....
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    Re: FireFox add-on annoyance

    some add-ons have this tendency i am not an expert but i think you should try to disable or remove the add-on and install it again.have you installed java run time environment(because it once helped...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 LTS vs. WinXP

    rushikesh988 is right your ram is too low upgrade yor ram or use xubuntu.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help installing mobile broadband can see your modem recognised in network manager or install wvdial.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recovering hard drive with testdisk

    if your filesystem is damaged ithink you should try fsck command or boot into rescue mode and then try fsck command it will repair your filesystem.
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    [ubuntu] Re: x server does not start automatically

    hi. thanks for your quick reply the problem that i am facing right now is that i dont have a internet connection at present and probably i'll get it in 10-15 days i download the driver in a cyber...
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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04 does not work

    yes, bucky ball is right.Use an LTS version it's stable and secure.
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    [ubuntu] x server does not start automatically

    hi. I have ubuntu 12.04 installed on my system yesterday i downloaded driver for nvidia ge force 210 from nvidia's website the file i opened it command line interface via...
  17. how to run windows modem mangers with wine

    Hi.I have ubuntu 12.04 and wine 1.4. I have a zte mf 180 usb modem through which i connect to internet.My modem works fine but the only problem is that it sometimes gets reset and i have to use...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: How to play Pirates of the Caribbean Online in Ubuntu

    yeah installing firefox or chrome versions in wine should do the trick
  19. Re: is there any gaming cd or dvd available for ubuntu.

    thanks guys that helped me
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    Re: Blizzard Announces Linux Game

    wow that's great!!!!
  21. is there any gaming cd or dvd available for ubuntu.

    I have Ubuntu 12.10 and i know this may sound silly but i was wondering if there is a gaming dvd/cd (like amnesia : the dark descent) available in market or online i am asking this because i...
  22. is it necessary to upgrade to newer version of ubuntu?

    hi i have Ubuntu 11.10 installed on my system is it necessary to upgrade to newer version of Ubuntu (i e .12.04, 12.10 etc) in every six months.
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    [ubuntu] how to restore file from aptoncd

    hi.i have ubuntu 11.10. isntalled on my desktop as well as laptop .My problem is that i dont have internet connection on my desktop so i made a installation disc via aptoncd on my laptop and tried to...
  24. [ubuntu] is it possible to play batman arkham city in ubuntu 11.10 by using cedega

    hi. i have ubuntu 11.10 and i wanted to ask that can we run batman arkahm city with cedega and i have heard of a free version of cedega known as cedega cvs.if its there then how can i download it and...
  25. [ubuntu] create a pan(personel area network) by bluetooth over two ubuntu systems(11.10)

    i have ubuntu 11.10 installed on my laptop as well as desktop i wanted to connect both via pan but dont know how to do the same.Please help thanks in advance.
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