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    Re: Ati Drivers and Raring Ringtail

    The Open Source drivers do seem to generally work, but they tend to heat up my laptop big time and the battery drains like crazy (last time I tried them was when 12.10 was released). It's a shame the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Using dual-monitors with Unity

    I've got the same problem as you. It used to work fine with the proprietary drivers in 11.04. It also works fine in 11.10 with Unity 2D.
    I dream for the day when multiple monitors will be supported...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Trouble using Sonicwall NetExtender SSL-VPN client

    Where did you manage to get the 4.0.671 64-bit version from? Would you be able to post a link?
  4. [ubuntu] Re: HDMI sound output working, but not automatically

  5. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome-do Tracker (search) plugin not working

    Same versions, same problem on Maverick. Have you guys found a solution?
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    [ubuntu] Re: files disappear in xp using ntfs-3g

    Any news about this?

    The problem happens to me as well when I write files from Ubuntu 9.10 (with the latest updates). Last time I moved a film (~700Mb) from my ext4 to the NTFS partition (not the...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Connecting via SSL-VPN using Sonic Wall Net Extender

    I have in fact managed to get it running in 9.10 Karmic 64-bit.
    I did the following:

    sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Connecting via SSL-VPN using Sonic Wall Net Extender

    That's what I also see if I try to install the application on Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit. It works fine under the 32-bit version though.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Skype: A tail of woe and rubbish software
  10. Re: HOWTO set up Juniper Network Connect VPN on Ubuntu Dapper

    Has anyone managed to configure madscientist's script with a client certificate as well in the end?
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