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    [ubuntu] VUZE client interface rendering glitches

    Its been a while since I've used vuze, I usually use deluge for all my torrent needs but since deluge doesn't support magnet links yet I was kinda in need of a client that does.

    The problem I've...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus Hide windows Files or files that match by name

    wow that's a handy thing to know, if only there was a globalized version.
  3. [ubuntu] Nautilus Hide windows Files or files that match by name

    Greetings, the title basically says it all, but before anyone jumps on me that linux is not gonna implement a hidden folder tag or read windows tagging, that's not what I'm asking. really i love the...
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    Re: Gimp Alpha Channel Transparency Help Please

    well you could make another layer under it and re apply the white to the areas.

    but the way i probably would do it, is duplicate the image and the top layer using the pen tool cutout everything...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Forcing mod 16 resolution when encoding with mencoder

    i only just recently need to know this as well and i found the solution.

    hope it helps.
  6. extracting the line art from a vector image....?

    I now it sounds a bit odd but i was wandering if it is possible, lately I've been creating images in Inkscape then exporting it into gimp for blending and etc. So I can basically learn how to use...
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    Re: Showing the power of GIMP

    some very impressive work, i don't really see why people complain so much about gimp. though true even though i haven't used photoshop in years, i still find myself doing something quite similar with...
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    Re: I want this in Gutsy

    yeah its a gtk theme and if i had to guess i would say beryl or compiz is running on it too.... i have no idea where it may be though....
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    Re: Vector drawing software suggestions?

    i suggest inkscape or xara linux extreme both have layer support and both are excellent vector apps.

    i kind of taken a liking to inkscape after i to figured out how to show the layer...
  10. Sigh microsoft is at it again...

    unix/Linux Violates 235 Patents Says Microsoft
    you know i would love for them to shut up...:(
  11. Thread: Inkscape Comic

    by BRAXS69

    Re: Inkscape Comic

    lol yeah I'm kind of that way too Xaimas, i just don't have the time to create a web comic right now as well. :lolflag:

    yeah i found inkscape to be a little unstable myself as well, but it was...
  12. Thread: Inkscape Comic

    by BRAXS69

    Re: Inkscape Comic

    nice, just give yourself a little time you would probably turn pro at it. as for my own works, i don't actually have a comic to show off but i have been messing around in Inkscape and Xara Extreme...
  13. Re: I'm looking a guide on writing shell scripts.

    this site has helped me allot, i hopes it serves you well also..

    as for the backup script looking on what has already been poseted i couldn't add anything new to it.
  14. flv conversion & playing without using a terminal

    hay guys in the efforts I've made to learn a bit more about linux programing i decided to go with something easy like bash scripting. instead of just making random useless scripts i chose to make one...
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