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    Re: POLL : your first reactions to the Unity interface

    I have not installed it our used it. Normally I jump in and grab the latest version of Ubuntu but with all the coverage of the unity 'issue' I have decided to wait.

    I believe it holds promise, and...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: VPN connected! How to access folders and files?

    In the nautilus address bar I just type in smb://machineaddress then it shows the shares.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount Philips

    I get the same message, sometimes, when I plug in my phone (LG Arena 900) via USB.

    Seems to be when the phone is not fully charged. This is a new issue for me, possibly since upgrade to 10.10
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Dropbox - can't download daemon - not a gzip file

    Same issue for me.... any ideas people?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 VPN to Windows Server failing

    I have managed to connect using the approach / settings detailed here:

    However, I do...
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    [all variants] Re: Garden planning software for Ubuntu?

    I started developing something along these lines a year or so ago. I was using PHP to produce a web based application with the idea that it would be cross platform and centralised.

    Unfortunately I...
  7. [ubuntu] Save home folder to removable media on logout

    I maybe trying to reinvent something that already exists. Please let me know whatever is the best way to do this.

    What I am attempting to achieve is to sync files from my home drive to a removable...
  8. [ubuntu] Flashing login screen (terminal) on acer one (9.10)

    Yesterday I did an upgrade (via the upgrade tool) from 9.04 to 9.10
    Everything seemed to go ok and the system rebooted fine. I believe the issue came when I ran the 'computer janitor' cleanup tool...
  9. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu (9.10) onto existing partitions

    I have and existing ubuntu system which I have upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10

    Since the upgrade there seem to be some issues (documented in another thread) and as I am relatively new to this stuff I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network connection priority

    I have a similar issue in that I want to force which connection is used for web traffic.

    My setup is slightly different.

    I have a mobile broadband 3G cellular wireless usb device as my internet...
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    [ubuntu] Re: screen goes black (suddenly and randomly)

    I have been experiencing a similar issue on Acer Aspire One (ubuntu 9.04)

    Even with the latest XOrg drivers for Intel it seems that (quite randomly) the display will just go black.

    Only way to...
  12. [ubuntu] Save Search Results and Copy to another Machine

    I am attempting to replicate a bunch of files and folders into a new location.

    I have figured out the following steps but iut doesn't get me all the way...

    1. Do a search for files using the...
  13. Re: Yo Frankie (open source blender game) does not play.

    How to go about switching of the shaders? I could not see a config file.... Do I have to have blender installed (maybe stupid question)
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    [ubuntu] Re: PPTP VPN in Jaunty and Intrepid

    I am experiencing the same issue. I can connect and view VPN just fine but all my traffic goes over the VPN connection when.

    I want normal web requests to go out over the normal gateway...

  15. [ubuntu] Re: Help needed understanding file browsing under VPN

    I'm in a similar situation:

    Using Ubuntu 9.04 I have connected to my work office VPN successfully (seems successful)

    Now I want to know how to browse the shared network folders over the VPN...
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    Re: Photoshop text issue

    I am having the same issue. I know you can 'fix' it by setting the program interface font size to medium in the preferences dialog.

    I did this for a time but am looking for a better fix (if there...
  17. [gnome] Re: Gnome window list dual monitor problem can't display windows from other screen

    I was having this issue and tried those things recommended above. The thing that finally worked for me was right clicking on the empty window list on my second monitor, choosing preferences from the...
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    Re: Google Picasa 3

    There is an application called BlueMarine that looks promising.

    I am hanging out for one of these applications to support geotagging on ubuntu. I know the windows version of Picasa does it well.
  19. [ubuntu] Upgrade to Intrepid (8.10) GNOME system monitor shows 100% processor

    I encountered this issue when I upgraded (via auto update) from 8.04 to 8.10

    Processor shows 90-100% at all times when viewing graph in system monitor however all active processes only add to...
  20. [ubuntu] Intrepid Upgrade - Processor (CPU) maxed at 100%

    The upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 online was smooth and fast just a few days after the release.

    Now when I boot into gnome the processor is averaging between 95% and 100% at all times. I can't see...
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