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    [ubuntu] Re: Help Installing emit

    Did anybody ever made it installing emit server?
    When I run emit -s I get the following error message:

    sh: 1: exec: /home/vinicius/Downloads/priv/upnp: not found
    {10,33,52} - <0.63.0> Upnp...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 Fails to install in Asus Eee 1015 Seashell

    Crap! I was just about to install ubuntu 12.04 final stable release on my Eee PC 1015 Seashell. Started making backups already. hehe

    Anybody knows if the final stable release works on Asus Eee PC...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ettercap crashes when scanning for hosts

    Thanks Monty47 and Thimothy! Those link and packages were helpfull. How about sending the update of ettercap to the ubuntu and debian repositories so that other people could benefit from them? Just a...
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