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  1. [ubuntu] Re: eeePC 701SD Realtek wireless cannot connect to WEP shared key network

    I tried Lucid Lynx alpha 2 on it as well with the 2.6.32-10.14, it exhibits the same crash behaviour. I am opening a bug report about this, here -...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: eeePC 701SD Realtek wireless cannot connect to WEP shared key network

    Tried EB4 from usb stick, toggling off wireless hangs the machine with that one too... :( At least eth0 works. Gonna try if I can get Jaunty working on it - off the live image with no updates, wlan...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: eeePC 701SD Realtek wireless cannot connect to WEP shared key network

    I also have problems with an Eee pc 701SD 8GB model. It is the one with the Realtek RTL8187SE wireless - this is different from the other early Eees - I have a 701 4GB and 901 and they both work fine...
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    Re: "Disk is being used outside design parameters."

    Same here - Ive got an Eee 701 and I just resumed after suspend for the first time after installing Karmic on this machine - and after resuming, the very same error message popped up. No troubles...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting 'Sources List' error

    Ill quickly boot back to my Hardy install on this same box, and try updating that one. Ill edit this post as to tell what happens as soon as Im done. Brb.

    My Hardy install updates,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting 'Sources List' error

    "W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: intrepid Release: The following...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting 'Sources List' error

    Seems I have the same problem as of today. Installed Intrepid amd64 Release Candidate couple days ago, tried to update just now.
    This is what happens:

    sudo apt-get update
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    Re: Best hangover cure?

    Fresh fruit juice,
    and lots of good pot.
    If no juice available, no.2 will do :D
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    Re: EEE PC and Ubuntu

    On Ubuntu 8.04 and Eee pc 701, Gnome power manager doesnt shut down when battery is critical.

    The fix is to use Gkrellm to launch a shutdown script instead, explained here:
  10. Re: Stallman: Cloud computing, It's worse than stupidity

    Ill never post my important data on some cloud only.

    I hail from all the way of the cassettes and floppy diskettes ..
    And Ill always have hard backup copies - on several hard drives,...
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    Re: Where's our Steve Jobs?

    Meh. I like to customize my desktop. Thats about the biggest requirement I have.

    I have Compiz manage my desktop, so each virtual one has a different wallpaper - for visual memory. I have no...
  12. Re: Can you use ubuntu without ever using the terminal or editing a config file?

    Hehe, first thing I do on Gnome is make the terminal background black, and font white ... And if I have compiz running, I also make it trasparent shaded black. Easier on the eyes :D
  13. Re: Can you use ubuntu without ever using the terminal or editing a config file?

    In my latest installs of Hardy on amd64 and i686 I didnt need to use the terminal at all. I could do everything thru the GUI. Ok, I did use it since I like it and its faster for some things, but I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Does XMMS work with 8.04?

    Im really sad that XMMS was removed from official repos.
    It is still, over 10 years after its inception, the only player that consistently works on all my computers, old and new, and is consistently...
  15. Poll: Re: How fast is your Internet Connection? (World Competition)

    Finland, ISP Welho, stated speed 5mb/1mb cable. Nothing but good things to say about my ISP - reliable, good customer service, price is ok. Up to 100...
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    Re: 64bit Users Group

    Joined as well, as I just got 64-bit back on my AMD box :) And gonna keep it there now, it was a painless setup and so far no problems at all - just smooth running.
  17. Re: Does anyone know much about buses/trains in the US?

    What, do they have trains in USA?
    I thought they ended all that foolishness in the 1940s, when the car and oil companies bought most tram, train and bus companies and ran the down, so they could...
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    Re: Shipit rejecting orders?

    Ive ordered 10 cds every time, I think, from Breezy Badger onwards.
    Ive always received the cds in couple of weeks to Finland - even thou the last few releases I have made special requests, for the...
  19. Re: 10 reasons why you use Ubuntu instead of Vista?

    1. (the most important to me) I love knowing that the software I use is the fruit of collective labours of thousands of people all around the world - who want to work for a common goal and share the...
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    Poll: Re: Which Version Of Ubuntu Was Your First?

    Mine was Hoary Hedgehog, the second release.
    I had just become very fed up with my bought XP, and on a biking forum someone suggested trying Ubuntu. It worked pretty well, and I liked it so much...
  21. Re: What would happen if you ran a windows virus using Wine?

    The paranoid?
    Ok, I just unlinked all other dirs but ~/.wine :)
  22. Re: EeePC reviewer recommends replacing Linux with WinXP

    I love the machine (Eee 701 4 GB). Its just great. Ive been using it more than my other, fast, new, widescreen 22" boxes :) Actually its the first laptop Ive ever bought (because it came without...
  23. Re: EeePC reviewer recommends replacing Linux with WinXP

    Just my personal experiences with the Xandros on Eee pc 701..
    1) When you enable Advanced mode (normal KDE desktop), the OS no longer asks for a login password...And many options in KDE settings...
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    Poll: Re: Fully functioning linux laptop?

    My laptop is an Asus Eee pc 701, 4GB model.
    At first I had Xandros on it, but it really sucked, so I installed eee-Ubuntu on it. Right after install some things didnt work right, like the quick keys...
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    Poll: Re: Do you hibernate/suspend your computer?

    The first time I tried hibernating on my desktop was during Hardy alpha/beta phase. Before that I didnt dare to try it.

    As it went, trying hibernating on my AMD X2 64 bit system ended up failing...
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