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    [all variants] keyserver down?

    I've been trying to get a public key from for several days now, but it seems the keyserver is down. Is it just me, or is the keyserver really down?
  2. [ubuntu] Can't install recommended update: Human-Theme

    Running 8.10 (upgraded from 8.04). When I run update manager there is a "recommended update" that is grayed out and cannot be installed. I'm just wondering why it can't be installed?
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    [ubuntu] tsclient to Windows XP - no sound

    I'm using Hardy. When I make a terminal services connection to my Windows XP box there is an option to play the remote sound on the local box (i.e so I hear the Windows sounds from the remote...
  4. Re: How to use rdesktop (Windows remote desktop connection)

    Thanks for the tips. Has anyone been able to get sound to display on the local computer? I'm running Hardy connected to a remote Windows XP box. I'm using tsclient to setup the remote desktop. ...
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    [ubuntu] Large number of updates?

    I'm using Hardy and am surprised at the number of updates pushed my way on a seemingly daily basis. I've stopped installing them for fear of destabilizing my system.

    Why are there so many...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Xinerama Desktop effects worked. Twinview Don't. Nvidia

    I've found with Linux and Nvdia - when in doubt, reinstall the driver.
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