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    [SOLVED] Re: problems with 14.04

    You can always download the ISO file for you architecture and either create an install DVD with something like k3b or create an install device with a thumbdrive using the system disk creator.

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    [SOLVED] Re: netbook wireless issue

    A Dell Inspiron Mini 10?
    These are some turbulent waters.
    But, no fear! I'm a sandal wearing hippie that's been down this set of rapids many times.

    First, are you sure you've got the correct...
  3. [all variants] Re: 3D accelaration with Poulsbo GMA500 through EMGD

    I'm no longer running Ubuntu on the system. I have to go for a stable system instead of living on the edge.
    So, you can compare what I've got with a running Debian system against what you have to...
  4. [all variants] Re: 3D accelaration with Poulsbo GMA500 through EMGD

    Thanks for setting up a PPA and getting the EMGD working again.
    I have a Dell Insperon Mini 1010 with a GMA500 chip that has gone from being incredibly slow to being somewhat stable....
  5. Re: how to update LibreOffice in Xubuntu 14.04

    I'm on 12.04 on my main machine, but, this process shouldn't have changed any.
    I'm running LibreOffice from the LibreOffice website.

    Software Centre got used in place of synaptic as a...
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    Sticky: [other] Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Dell Inspiron Mini 1010
    Distro: XUbuntu 14.04.
    !! Known problem graphics card. GMA500 (Poulsbo) !!

    System boots to the correct screen resolution. 1024x576 on this model.
    XFCE Compositing...
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    [all variants] Re: Can't install neither ubuntu nor xubuntu

    Did you setup Windows with Extended or Logical partitions?
    The Parted Library of the installer should only be showing primary partitions.
    Industry standard has always only allowed a maximum of four...
  8. [xubuntu] Re: flat vs. gradiant toolbars appearing in LO for 2 different Xfce machines

    It almost looks like you're using the Greybird theme on the top picture, and a Clearlooks theme for the bottom.

    This isn't a LibreOffice setting, it's an xfce setting. If you had a different...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help with Realplayer files

    Cool beans, then.
    That's what I get for keeping to 12.04 for a while longer.
    Every time I get settled good, the new version breaks because the wheel keeps getting re-invented.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help with Realplayer files

    I can't find a source .ra as a test. But, assuming ron998 is correct, this should work.

    Open a terminal. (This is the quick way.)

    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
    sudo apt-get install audacity
  11. Re: Cannot get Remmina to copy and paste from client to server

    My mistake. I had to check my email and see your unedited post to see I never addressed copy/pasting text.
    I completely glossed over that part and thought you meant copy/pasting files.

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    Re: What kind of keyboard do you use?

    IBM KB-7953
    Thing's mechanical. (I think.) Built like a tank.
    I get a solid click from every key-press and a very satisfying "clunk" every time I hit the return.

    I got it at a yard sale with a...
  13. Re: can't change the directory in the terminal

    So, the directory you want to change to is "/home/<Username>/Downloads/KEEP/applications/Komodo Edit" Including the space?
    Terminals have a habit of stopping when they come to a space. It's a...
  14. Re: Cannot get Remmina to copy and paste from client to server

    I had this same problem having no copy/paste tools with Remmina using RDP.
    Using XUbuntu 12.04 to log into a local Windows 8.1 machine.

    However, there is a way to share a folder during...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Remove microphone hiss with Pulseaudio control?

    Marking this issue as solved.
    The lesson learned, is that Radio Shack XLR -> Quarter Inch Jack adapters are, largely, junk.

    The Mirophone is working well. I know it's still a low grade Radio...
  16. [xubuntu] Cairo-Dock 3.0 Change Open Application Dot Color

    Xubuntu 12.04 i386
    XFCE 4.12
    Cairo-dock 3.0.0

    Dock works great until I go to set it with a light-color theme in 2D mode.
    Active applications get a brightly-colored blue dot below the icon....
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    [SOLVED] Re: Moving to Xubuntu

    I'm confused.
    Will that obsolete the xubuntu-desktop meta-package?
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    Re: help with skype (doesnt say i have pulse)

    I think the bug you're describing is the same bug found here:

    The work around I've seen reported has to...
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    Re: help with skype (doesnt say i have pulse)

    Still the "unable to connect to slave device" messages?

    Say, are you using 64-bit Ubuntu?
    I found an older post with a similar problem....
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    Re: help with skype (doesnt say i have pulse)

    My wager is that it cannot open those devices to write.
    You may be missing some ALSA libraries.

    Do you have?:

    Are you able to record audio using something like...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VERY New to this

    1) Have you made sure your machine meets the minimum requirements for Ubuntu?

    2) Have you set your computer's...
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    Re: November Nuances Screenshot Thread


    Screenshot resized to 800x600

    Screenfetch output:
    OS: Ubuntu 12.04 precise
    Kernel: i686 Linux 3.2.0-55-generic-pae
    Uptime: 13d 22h 53m
    Packages: 2657
    Shell: bash 4.2.25
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    Re: help with skype (doesnt say i have pulse)

    You're running Unity, yes?

    Ugh. I see now. The user account manager doesn't allow you to manage groups.
    That's strange and frustrating.

    sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

    Then, run...
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    Re: help with skype (doesnt say i have pulse)

    Under your users and groups settings, are you a member of the "audio" and "video" groups?
    If not, add your account to those groups and do a system reboot to try again.
  25. [SOLVED] Remove microphone hiss with Pulseaudio control?

    This isn't a problem as much as it's just a general inquiry.

    xubuntu 12.04.
    Pulseaudio 1.1.
    PCAudio shows up as Front Microphone -
    I think it's HDIntel Audio as my input.
    I honestly forget...
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