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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Connecting 2 PCs with a crossover cable issue

    openssh-server and sshfs are installed on both machines.

    However, I can't ping the machines.

    Here's the output:
    connect: Network is unreachable
  2. [ubuntu] Connecting 2 PCs with a crossover cable issue

    I'm trying to connect two PCs with a crossover cable to transfer some large files.

    I've got Ubuntu 10.4beta on one PC and Ubuntu 9.10 on the other.

    I've followed the howto from...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SiS 771/671 Mirage 3 Video Drivers!?!?

    Thanks a lot mhgsys! Everything working perfectly now - crystal clear resolution, perfect. I owe you a beer if you ever come to Brazil:-)

    That part done blindly was a bit scary for me as I'm still...
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    Re: Lucid with Sis Mirage 671/672

    I have the same problem on my generic laptop, installed ubuntu 10.04 beta and the best resolution available is 800x600. At the start-up there are purple lines flickering as mentioned in the first...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Still no solution to playing .asx streams?

    I had the same problem. You cant play asxs under Ubuntu.
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