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  1. Re: How to not diplay shell script lines running

    The new script is working just as I hoped it would. However a couple of end users note that after the remote bash script prompts for the SFTP password, and it is entered, all that remains is a...
  2. Re: How to not diplay shell script lines running

    Google is my friend, haha. batch scripting uses "^" as escape character... so the working code is:

    echo bash ^> ^& null.txt>>%xf%
  3. Re: How to not diplay shell script lines running

    Thanks for that... the exact syntax did not work for me, but it put me in the right direction. Running it locally from the unix machine works exactly as I want... but now writing the command file...
  4. How to not diplay shell script lines running

    So I created a small bash script to consolidate some files across a couple different unix machines, what they are is irrelevant. Script works fine.

    I have a batch file on a PC that remotely...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount ipod - Unhandled Lockdown error (-5)

    Awesome.. that little fix worked perfectly :)
  6. [lubuntu] Re: How can i view my files from my other hardrive

    If you do a Google search using terms like "External enclosure" + "Ubuntu" and soem other items there are a few discussions all pointing to sometimes issues with the USB interface... didn't see any...
  7. [lubuntu] Re: How can i view my files from my other hardrive

    Do you have another system you could try plugging it into? I've got my Ubuntu netbook and a few different Windows machines here in front of me at work and they all have no issues.
  8. [lubuntu] Re: How can i view my files from my other hardrive

    Should be... the system will just then read your converted drive now as it would any other external HDD. I've never had an issue with my IDE > USB converters, even with drives that hold the actual...
  9. [lubuntu] Re: How can i view my files from my other hardrive

    Are you saying like.. taking a internal HDD and using a case/converter to hook it up via USB? You should have no problem doing that and being able to access all the files on it. I have external...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: copy a list of files located in a .txt file

    Nope, I didn't know that :D

    And yes, I would like /home/user/Pictures/.../.../.../ to then go to /media/DISKNAME/Pictures/.../.../.../

    Only the /media/DISKNAME/Pictures exists... was hoping the...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: copy a list of files located in a .txt file

    Okay small update.

    I modified my list making command and removed the "-ls". Now it only lists the directories and files. Now the script works and I only have one gripe left... it omits the...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: copy a list of files located in a .txt file

    I'm running the scripts while in /home/username

    All the files in the list are located in /home/username/Pictures

    Sp for example I created my listed using:

    find Pictures -mtime -35 -ls...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: copy a list of files located in a .txt file

    Okay, got the thing to run... however, I'm getting this with each file:

    cp :cannot stat '904554 6872 -rw-r--r-- 1 username username filesize Oct 19 09:21 <filepath>': No such file or directory...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: copy a list of files located in a .txt file

    Well the files listed in the txt file are in a single directory, and needing to be copied to another single directory.

    I made a .sh file with full rights using that line of code... it returned a:...
  15. [ubuntu] copy a list of files located in a .txt file

    I'm trying to either make a single command, or even a short bash script that will read the contents of a text file (which lists file names one line at a time) and then copies those file into a...
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    [other] Re: xhost +, what else could it be?

    If anyone cares, this was the resolution:

    Close down everything.
    su root
    init 3
    init 5

    then log back in and do xhost +, and BAM, can now do what I needed to do.
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    [other] xhost +, what else could it be?

    So here at work we recently got a new machine that has Red Hat Enterprise 5 on it. We had 4 previously. Anyhow, generally from this machine I'll ssh into a Solaris 9 machine and run a few...
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    inc backup changed files

    So the girlfriend came up to me today asking about a better way (free being key here as well) to copy all of her work files that have changed in the past 5 weeks from her work external HDD to her...
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    Re: Iron Man - J.A.R.V.I.S. Desktop Interface

    A few months back when I was really getting into customizing my netbook I came across a very lengthy thread where a guy was working on it based from screenshots from the movie. It might even be the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Customize Conky

    Am I missing something? Cuz it seems like you know what to change... are you saying you want that wireless conky to instead display your wired information? Then what you have would work...

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    [SOLVED] Re: Hugin not working like expected

    Can't help you much with Hugin... but I got Photoshop CS2 running on my Natty machine here and did a quick Photomerge... I'm guessing this is the effect your trying to get with Hugin... or did you...
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    Re: An ironic truth...

    Couldn't be any more true. At my job I'm the vessel ifnormation security officer. For the most part my job entails making sure that all the vessel PC assets are properly patched and up to date, and...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Looking for an advanced video editing program

    I saw the title for "advanced" video editor and was thinking of like Premiere or something... but yeah, like most folks said, if you're looking for a Windows Movie Maker experience, OpenShot is to me...
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    Re: Beating back the telephone virus scammers

    I just like how they call somehow "knowing" you have a virus... yet they can't tell you what type of computer you're using? They sure are phishing, and sadly, I bet it works sometimes :(
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    [all variants] Re: Can you do this in bash?

    Okay... got eh script to do everything I want except the only downfall to full automation is I have to enter in a password when the sftp starts.

    If anyone knows how to get around that.. that'd...
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