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  1. error running make menuconfig for building kernel for ubuntu

    since I want to build a new kernel I need to run make menuconfig. I downloaded the kernel source version from now when I runn make menuconfig it is giving a lot of...
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    can't install gcc and g++ with apt-get

    I want to use ubuntu 6.06.1 as my developer machine along with a desktop.
    I realise that the development tools are not installed by default. I also saw in the pool directory that there is...
  3. tried every thing but gnopernicus still talks in consistently

    hello all,
    actually I had asked this question on a previous thread but now the problem is different with the same result.
    I am trying to use gnopernicus from ubuntu 6.06.1 and I actually got it...
  4. are there any short cut keys to get into sound preference?

    You should try turning off ESD sound mixing under the sounds preferences. That might be causing a conflict.
    Henrik, can you please provide a short cut keys for this too!
  5. gnopernicus does not speak every time ubuntu starts

    There is no direct way of doing it but these should work with a standard English setup:

    Alt+F2 for the general application launcher
    type gnome-at-properties and press Enter
    Press space to...
  6. how can I enable accessibility with the help of keyboard?

    On a standard Ubuntu 6.06.1 Gnopernicus and Festival should already be installed.
    Yes I think so because when I try to install it I get a message that it is already installed.
    You need to activate...
  7. help installing gnopernicus for speach without internet

    hello I am Krishnakant from India.
    I have just started to use ubuntu.
    I havbe one question on version 6.06 update 1.
    I have a couple of computers where internet connection is not working and will...
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