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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows on multiple desktops

    I don't think this is possible because of the way that compiz treats the desktop as one long, wrapped, viewport. You can try something like maxumize (which makes a window go as big as it can without...
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    [ubuntu] Slow bootup (grub and wm)

    I have a laptop (core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 320gb hdd) not a bad lappy. Anyways, it boots slow. really slow. I have Ubuntu 10.04 lts running the 2.6.32-29-generic kernel.

    I have 3 partitions:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu ATI Radeon X300

    I have 2x radeon x300se in my computer. both are pci-e. They won't work for some reason. they are known working cards, and when linux starts up, the ubuntu loading screen shows up on them, so i know...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: No Network Devices After Ubuntu 9.10 Upgrade

    I just used the ubuntu 9.04 and it worked just fine. I think I'll just skip the upgrade and go straight to 10.4. maybe that'll work.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: No Network Devices After Ubuntu 9.10 Upgrade


    I have the same problem with a new install.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot click on any feature on youtube 9.10

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    [ubuntu] Re: Need some advice

    I would suggest going to barnes and nobel or something like that, and getting a cheap book on the language you want to learn. This should get you started quickly. after you learn some of the basics,...
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    [all variants] Re: hp dv2z and ubuntu?

    It looks to me like everything should work just fine, but if I were you, I'd first try it live (using the "try ubuntu without changing my computer" option) before installing it. If it starts up and...
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    [ubuntu] Massive Memory Problems

    When I first start up my computer, my ram only has a little used, and the swap has 0% usage. After it has been on for a while, however, it starts to eat through my swap. I have a fair amount of swap...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Graphics problems with Intel 945GM after upgrading to 9.04

    Thanks! Is downgrading to 8.10 possible? I want my high def movies!
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Graphics problems with Intel 945GM after upgrading to 9.04

    Can you explain this a little better please? My 3d graphics, compiz, and high-def playback all go really slowly. I don't have white lines though. Any help would be nice!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual screen's

    depends on the model of your gpu. anything before 7000 might have issues, anything after is likely ok. My 4400 ti can do dual screens with some fiddling, but my 5500 can't.
  13. Re: Good God, I found an Alarm Clock for Linux!

    I'm unable to install the plugin on audacious, it says that I need glib installed, but I'm pretty sure that it is installed. I also have a 64bit system, dunno if that matters. plz help! I love this...
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    Re: What is the name of your computer(s)?

    Haxxor and lambchop
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help with a bash script

    Could you use the && operator?
    Like so:

    sudo something && something else && some other thing && other cool stuff

    Not sure if that'll work, but it might.
  16. [all variants] What graphics card to get? 3 monitor minimum, with effects of course!

    I'm looking at getting some new computer hardware, and the first thing I am looking at is a new graphics setup.
    I currently have 2 crappy cards that are agp and pci. not worth the silicon they are...
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    Re: October 2008 Screenshot Thread

    Wow, I never found any triple screen setups here, Here is mine: I'm just using the default ubuntu scheme, it's not bad at all. No...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Multimedia Button Support

    They work on my a105, but only in rhythmbox. Don't know if this helps, but there you go.
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    [ubuntu] Re: trouble installing XMMS-1.2.11

    I was unable to divine any help out of those posts you listed. I still need to install libglib1.2. I have a 386, and I still am having trouble with libglib1.2.
  20. [all variants] Re: nVidia Ti 4400 effects and dual monitor not working

    it still did not work. And something I did (perhaps restarting x) caused my screens to not work right. I used to have the top and bottom panels go all the way across both screens, but now they are...
  21. [all variants] Re: nVidia Ti 4400 effects and dual monitor not working

    I'm not finding anything under CCSM that says window decorator. Is it listed as something else?
  22. [all variants] Re: nVidia Ti 4400 effects and dual monitor not working

    I have to use "metacity --replace" because when I log in, there is no window manager running. There are no title bars on the windows, but I can still open and close some programs, I just can't move...
  23. [all variants] Re: nVidia Ti 4400 effects and dual monitor not working

    I tried that, and I got the dual screen working, but the compiz and all the cool effects are not working. I also have to start metacity manually each time I log in. (I have it set to a startup...
  24. [all variants] nVidia Ti 4400 effects and dual monitor not working

    I am having major problems with the nVidia drivers that are included with Ubuntu, and from the nVidia website. I want to run two LCDs, @ 1280x1024, and I got it working once, perfectly and it was...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lost GUI

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