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  1. Ubuntu keeps shuting down by itself (Randomly)

    I've newly installed it, Ubuntu 12.04.03 LTS, and I've installed small programs recently like gnome-schedule, it's a program were I schdule shutdowns, I've added a new task and wrote the command to...
  2. How can I make the mouse sensitivity the same as Windows

    The Ubuntu mouse is very smooth and kind of annoying moving and draging, is there a way I can make it the same as windows? I tried in the setting to adjust it but it still not the same as Windows and...
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    How to backup a source and recover

    So I need to patch my wireless drivers in prior to make a specific program to work properly, but the installation recomended me to make a backup to my source just in case if something went wrong so I...
  4. Which and How to Patch my driver for aircrack-ng

    First if all, hi, I'm a new newbi.

    So I need to know which correct "Patch" I need to install for my drivers in order to make aircrack-work properly. I don't know how to, so if you can tell me...
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