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    Re: Neo Geo Emulator for linux

    This thread is from last year... But anyway.

    Console based in this case is referring to Command line interface.

    The MAME executable or binary, takes...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: MAME - Mouse Stuck On Screen During Game

    Have it launch full screen by default (rather than switching to it by alt + enter)

    Or try to whip the mouse to a corner before the icon get's stuck there.

    I've figured out the cause mostly, you...
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    Re: NES emulator(not FCEU or FakeNES)

    Mednafen 2nd'd.

    That aside, this is hilarious:

    Virtual Console games have iNes headers

    Heh, I guess it's okay for them to download their own games, right? :popcorn:
  4. Re: does anybody remember the great game ZORK

    If it has those dat files, then yes.
    Just copy them, and launch gnome-terminal

    frotz zork1.dat

    Remember case matters on the filenames, and that the terminal starts in your home directory by...
  5. Re: does anybody remember the great game ZORK

    Yes, you don't actually run the program it comes with.
    Frotz in the Ubuntu repository does.

    Think of it as getting a pdf or an mp3 or ogg and playing it with your favorite Free software program....
  6. Re: does anybody remember the great game ZORK

    Sure, you can play it on Ubuntu, and well, a heck of a lot of devices nowadays.

    Anyway, easiest way to play the original is to grab frotz (in the Ubuntu repos) Then get zork from here since it and...
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    Re: Visualboy (GBA) help

    Mednafen does.

    Right click your rom, choose Open With, mednafen.

    Press F1 for hot keys.

    alt + c is the cheat search.
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    Re: Ubuntu-Powered MAME Cabinet

    lordbah, sdlmame is of course more up to date, try this.

    in your mame.ini

    video opengl
  9. Re: XP faster than Ubuntu for games on same hardware

    System -> Preferences -> Appearance

    Click the Visual Effects tab, and select None.

    Until we get the new linux kernel, new xorg and GEM (next Ubuntu), you won't get acceleration in games while...
  10. Re: looking for tandy color (colour) computer emulator for ubuntu

    SDLMess should work as well as MESS did under XP.

    Anyway, looking in the Ubuntu repositories...

    xtrs - emulator for TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P computers

    Try that one?
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    Re: Anyone having trouble with Zsnes?

    Get one of the binaries here
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    Re: [SOLVED] Sega Master System

    Use mednafen or sdlmess instead?
    Both support sms/gg games nicely.
  13. Re: How to play "Shadow the beast" with PC-Engine ? (ISO)

    Mednafen supports iso and ogg or flac, just modify the cue sheet, change WAV to VORBIS.
  14. Thread: hexedit

    by FranMichaels

    Re: hexedit

    You could try Okteta

    I personally haven't used it.

    I use ghex. It is simple, but I guess it depends on what you need to do. I find the built in base converter handy in it...
  15. Re: List of Adventure Games like Flight of the Amazon Queen

    These games are being run via the scumm engine, if you visit their page, you'll find another game released for free use.
    Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back.

    You can see...
  16. Re: pointer always visible in center of all fullscreen games

    I've run into this as well, usually just emulators using opengl.
    Just starting the game full screen, or going back and forth fullscreen/windowed and quickly move the mouse diagonal left (or whatever...
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    Re: mame and usb ps gamepad

    Hmm, never used jscal or jstest.
    But, is there an analog button on your playstation controller? That should solve it if I'm understanding the problem correctly.

    Also, if you want a version of...
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    Re: DOSBox key mapping on Ibex

    No problem, found a solution, posted it on the dosbox forums.
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    Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 buggy (Znes)

    I can vouch that SD3 works fine in zsnes, it's probably a bad rom, if you found one pre-patched in English, I would advise against that for many reasons. You can grab the patch from,...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: When will the graphics issues in Firefox 3 on ubuntu get fixed?

    Some people are having problems on the other end.

    I use the page zoom heavily, it is a great feature.

    I think (as one poster in the...
  21. Re: ZSNES won't start in Intrepid Release Client

    I can verify that i586 binary compiled by one of the zsnes devs works fine on Intrepid.
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    Re: new: mednafen 0.8.a

    Thanks, I'm very glad. :D

    Anyway, just built it from the tarball.

    This should do it, (but not sure if something is missing as I installed the dependencies long ago.)

    sudo apt-get install...
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    Microsoft slugs aged care centres,24897,24561082-5013040,00.html

    Something to remember about proprietary software, even if discounted or zero monetary cost... No guarantees it will...
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    new: mednafen 0.8.a

    Just a heads up, new mednafen release. Notably, some support for mapper 163 on nes added.

    This allows some odd roms to work... ;)
    For example, this unofficial ff7 clone:
  25. Re: Cloud computing. Sseesh, wil Microsoft NEVER learn? (Microsoft Azure)

    I seriously doubt its the future. Unless people and corporations are willing to trust their data. Whether it be personal data or corporate data, and provide a few more points of lock-in and points of...
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