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    [all variants] Re: Some compiz animations not working!

    For me shade animation and some other (I think minimize) didn't work, but I got them to work after setting them back to default, not sure if that was what fixed it, but you can try.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: mouse drags windows by clicking anywhere on them

    Take a look at ccsm - Uncategorized - Move Window, and there the first setting. If it is just Button1, it means you will always drag with left mouse button. I have it set as Alt+Button1 (Default).
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Amarok Constantly Crashes

    Same problem, fixed by restarting FireFox session. I also seem to get it in FireFox with videos playing only for 2-4 sec and browser restart fixes it. Has also happened on Win XP
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