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  1. Re: dpkg --configure -a not working after failed install

    thanks. I ended up deleting all the files in /var/lib/dpkg/updates and that seemed to work. should i still run those commands anyway? everything seems fine.
  2. dpkg --configure -a not working after failed install

    so long story short my install got interrupted on my lucid install and now I cant use sudo dpkg --configure -a since I get this error message from initramfs
    "cpio: ./lib/udev/ Cannot...
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    Re: 2 possible papercuts for lucid

    Nice papercuts. I would love for the first bug to be fixed because I believe this affects most of if not all the eeepc's with elantech touchpads. It's such a pain.
  4. Re: Karmic Koala UNR and the Elantech Touchpad

    yeah I tried it too but it didnt change much of anything
  5. Re: Karmic Koala UNR and the Elantech Touchpad

    I am also using an eee pc with an elantech touchpad and I have to say that the driver is pretty terrible. Compared to how the touchpad is supposed to work, the touchpad under karmic is jumpy. Middle...
  6. Re: Add PPA repos - can't get past getting a key?

    Doesn't it automatically add the keys in karmic? I added a ppa in software sources and the key is there in the authentication tab. I didn't have to add anything.
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Sluggish Firefox on pages with flash content

    check your /home/username/.mozilla/plugins folder
    its probably in there
  8. Re: Lost all accounts in empathy after latest updates/reboot.

    yup that seemed to fix it. I tried that before but I guess i didnt get all the packages
  9. Re: Lost all accounts in empathy after latest updates/reboot.

    Same. For some reason, my desktop works but my netbook doesnt
  10. [SOLVED] Re: So, the developers have disabled clicking on a laptop's touchpad by default...

    When they disabled it I thought it was because some update broke it. I have never ever experienced a laptop that didnt have it enabled. The people who wont know how to change it are most likely the...
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    Touchpad issues on eee pc

    Normally on my eee pc tapping with one finger is a left click, 2 fingers is middle click and 3 is a right click. Somehow the middle click and right click got switched in karmic.

    Can anyone tell...
  12. Could zune support ever be possible on linux?

    Today I was reading Cnet's review of the Zune HD (found here

    After seeing this, I thought that it looked great. Unfortunately there is no way...
  13. Re: August 2009 Screenshot Thread

    Theme: Dust
    Icons: Breathe (from ppa)
    Edit: On my eeepc 900ha (in case you were wondering why conky is so big)
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    Re: Wow! Karmic Rocks!

    I just checked out karmic with powertop and think I may be able to get almost 6 hours on my eeepc 900ha with only a 4 cell battery! In jaunty with wifi off, sd card reader off and camera off I can...
  15. Re: Icons missing from menus and user switch applet

    I definitely dont think this should be default behavior. Smaller icons would be nice but no icons isnt useful.
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    Re: Wow! Karmic Rocks!

    It certainly is coming along nicely. Works pretty well on my eeepc 900ha. Mouse is a little odd but is getting better and the sound applet is a little funky atm. On the other hand, notifications look...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Updating to firefox 3.5 is a pain and a half

    my problem is that there is no ppa in existence that will install the mozilla branded firefox. Shiretoko has issues simply because it is not called firefox. For instance, Facebook chat refuses to...
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    Re: Why is Banshee so slow?

    Same here for the most part.

    Looking at this my only issue is a lack of visual feedback from banshee. As you show in the video when you click to sort in banshee nothing changes on the bar where...
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    Re: Apple's Tablet Computer!

    I have a feeling that its gonna be really breakable. Ive seen some pretty bad screen cracks on ipod touch/iphones from just one drop. I would imagine dropping this would be a nightmare.
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    Poll: Re: Banshee UI to be in Moonlight

    itunes handles photos right? Im thinking this will be similar to that.
  21. Re: Gnome terminal doesn't use the gtk styles

    are you sure its an issue with terminal and not the theme? I use dust sand from time to time and I notice that the appearance window is slightly different from other normal windows. Can you take a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I upgrade to Firefox 3.5???

    is there anyway to install it through a ppa or a .deb where it is branded as firefox? some things dont seem to work properly with it being shiretoko
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    Re: Update-manager interface problem

    I have it too
  24. Poll: Re: How has your sound experience been in Ubuntu?

    Personally, pulseaudio has been great. Imo it was a great decision, I hated how alsa only allowed one application to do sound at a time.

    Unfortunately it seems to be buggy for quite a few people....
  25. [all variants] Re: syncing files (in this case im logs)

    Ive got it working by using links (putting the "aim0" folder in "My Files" and linking it on both computers. This works great for logs that are already created but the logs never seem to update. Im...
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