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  1. [ubuntu] Problem installing Gimp 2.7 on 11.10 with Matt pda

    Hello all

    I just installed 11.10 and getting used to it :-)
    I am having problems installing Gimp 2.7 with this method.

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn
    sudo apt-get...
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    [ubuntu] Mousepen tablet WP8060U

    Hello to all

    Well after some one week or so I still cant get my mousepen to work.
    I have followed many instructions from this thread TabletSetupWizardpen.
    Now I can use all the buttons left,...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to set up a Trust graphics tablet on ubuntu karmic.

    Hello to all I have not posted in a looooong time.

    I have been with Ubuntu from 6.04 just had to dump windows.
    Anyway this the first time I have been stuck in a long time.
    I have a genius...
  4. Re: Hi Guys and Girls LOL need help with C-Media driver

    I had to place the sound card in another slot so must be a problem with my one slot. You were right c-media loads its self all is well now thank you for your response and help much appreciated
  5. [SOLVED] Hi Guys and Girls LOL need help with C-Media driver

    Well me again Victor form JHB

    I placed this thread
    in the general section with no help so far but I have been thinking
    maybe I can...
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    Re: Printer problems in Joburg

    HI all you good people

    Well I un-installed all my printers and stayed away from
    ubuntu for a day or so. After my rest I re started Ubuntu
    loaded the printers and walla "DIT WERK" :)
    So now...
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    Re: Printer problems in Joburg

    Before my up date all my printers worked fine.
    Now the jobs or test page just does not get sent to the printers.
    Other wise they get picked up if I unplug and replug them in.
    I read some ware I...
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    Printer problems in Joburg

    Hi all and its great to part of a South African product and forum.
    Well this not probaly the place for intoductions. I am in Joburg
    and new to Ubuntu well the OS any way.

    I have installed ubuntu...
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