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  1. Blender gives me black rendering (tuto heart)


    I just press F12 after opening the file heart.blender
    and get black screen

    would you know how to have the rendered hearts ?

    I made screenshots

  2. Re: Innovative Terminal (nCurses) developments?

    Here I start with one innovative desktop:

    I would add rtorrent since it brought new possibilities and has been very...
  3. Innovative Terminal (nCurses) developments?


    This thread is dedicated to reporting nice dev that have been recently made. Projects that are towards innovation?

    Scientific, Education, ... Office to be kept in mind.

    Please post a...
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    Sticky: Re: Scientific Software options for Ubuntu

    what about a version based on the console ?
    Efficient and reliable
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    [ubuntu] Atari font for gnome?


    I would like to reproduce this Desktop from atari st

    Would you know if some similar font (with size too) might be found...
  6. Re: Lightweight Equation/Formulas frontend editor for Miktex/*TeX?


    your post is really awsome. thank you so much
  7. Re: Lightweight Equation/Formulas frontend editor for Miktex/*TeX?

    because I am limited by my installation in terms of size. I simply need the editor and nothing else (all other package such as openoffice ... or abiword)
  8. Re: Lightweight Equation/Formulas frontend editor for Miktex/*TeX?

    is there a preview x11 inth epackage ?
  9. Lightweight Equation/Formulas frontend editor for Miktex/*TeX?


    would you know for maths a lightweight Equation frontend editor for Miktex/*TeX?

    <10mb deb?

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    Poll: Poll: Measure of Wifi Nuisance


    This is poll about wifi. If you have too much routers around you, it might be not so much wished. Just a poll

    This script calculates for you interface eth1 (you could change it to wlan) the...
  11. [all variants] With what to write a book with figures?


    I would like to write a book with sthg that works under Linux and Windows, and that looks like Word (not openoffice)... more like vim

    with see - what - u -write (not latex).

    what would...
  12. Poll: Re: Linux Voice Recognition that really works with your usb mic:) !!! :)

    I have made today a much better script.

    It allows you to recognize and play words such as :

    one, two, ... nine
    zero is to validate the word or command

    This script also is detecting your...
  13. Poll: Re: Linux Voice Recognition that really works with your usb mic:) !!! :)


    Sorry that my code has not an better dialog thing to make it work more easily. I am too tired to make a nice frontend with dialog

    So, let's make it with posts. It looks like that you have a...
  14. Poll: Linux Voice Recognition that really works with your usb mic:) !!! :)


    Having quite some experience with Voice recognition, I am glad to share to you a development, that really shows outstanding results compared to the past dvlpts for Linux in the field of voice...
  15. [ubuntu] Do you know a package to transform your Ubuntu into a Tablet?


    I would like to know if there is a deb in the repositories to make a fullscreen in SDL with icons and do like a tablet pc ...


    (for a conventional PC arm and ix86)
  16. Possible to play fceu on tty using FBDEV


    is it Possible to play with fceu on tty using FBDEV?

    thank for your ideas

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    [all variants] Re: alternative to bash read command?

    I would be you, I would use python. It needs only 5 lines for that

    replace read txt


    VAR=` python `
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    [ubuntu] Re: Retrolink usb gamepad

    try fceu and configure your inputs

    for hatari you can use this improved compiled /usr/bin/ adapted to retrolink
  19. [ubuntu] Issue with BAWAG and GNUCASH under LINUX?


    I am new to Gnucash and cannot get online-Banking working for my BAWAG
    PSK giro account.

    Could you maybe tell me the appropriate settings for an OFX connection ?

    Moreover, is there...
  20. For when an emulator that emulates all machines for linux?

    Here is the list of machines that could be emulated in one single program.

    Emulators on Unix/Linux

    68000 (2)
    8051 (1)
    Amstrad - CPC (5)
    Amstrad - PCW (1)
    Apple - II Series (1)
  21. Ubuntu: Which multimedia PDA to buy ? Ipod touch or others?

    Hi guys,

    Goals: calendar, playing movies (divx), listening mp3 (no itunes!), todo list, and picture viewer, and maybe more: games or I dont know yet.

    It seems that the iphone and ipod touch...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to recover the files of a crashed EXT3?

    I use now JFS and to time to time :
    touch /forcefsck

    and never got a single crash anymore !! JFS rocks over ext3
  23. irda-utils: Is there a coder willing to make code for PSION machines?


    There could be some needs with to sync the linux box with my psion device :
    - emails (iremails sync) <-> mutt or whatever works
    - contact psion <-> abook
    - data folder...
  24. Re: Owner of Mini PC : Jornada 720, let's talk

    JLIME is now being soon releasing a new linux version for the jornada. I hope you'll guys be glad of using this new kernel and capabilites.

    - Man, need usb plug :)
  25. [ubuntu] Re: xscreensaver-command: no screensaver is running on display :0.0

    simply run first:

    screensaver &

    and lock it :

    xscreensaver-command -lock
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