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    Re: chrubuntu 14.04 c720 updated now no touchpad

    Best thing to do is to skip all the patching BS and just grab the 4 needed files directly from Google's Peppy repo. I just pulled them from their 3.14 kernel put them in my 3.14.4 source tree and...
  2. Getting the touchscreen working on the C720P

    To anyone that's trying to get the touchscreen working correctly, here is a tip. Build "mxt-app" from Atmel and flash '1664s_RAW' (google it). I think...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: CalDigit Thunderbolt Hub and Asus Z87-A Thunderbolt add-on card

    In case anyone else is having issues with thunderbolt the nightly build of Trusty yesterday fixed:

    23568] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
    [ 1.324485] ACPI Warning:...
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    Re: ASUS Thunderbolt 2

    Well, things are getting better! I just installed the 2012-04-08-trusty mainline kernel and i'm not getting some of the ACPI errors I was getting. Still not showing up as a Thunderbolt interface,...
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    ASUS Thunderbolt 2

    Is there *anyone* using a thunderbolt hub with Ubuntu and have it fully working? I have the Caldigit Thunderbolt hub which is working, but I can't get the USB ports to work. It looks like all the...
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    [ubuntu] where can i get the new 3.15rc1 kernel.

    I really think this will be the one that will finally fix my thunderbolt!!!!
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How do I verify that Intel 1.04 graphics drivers have installed correctly

    Not really.... not the current intel drivers....

    When you're dealing with 4k/thunderbolt these current drivers that are not in the kernel matter.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: CalDigit Thunderbolt Hub and Asus Z87-A Thunderbolt add-on card

    Well I was hoping now that the 3.14 kernel is out it would fix the issue. But, of course it didn't... :( Nobody else using Asus's Thunderbolt?
  9. [ubuntu] CalDigit Thunderbolt Hub and Asus Z87-A Thunderbolt add-on card

    Has anyone got the USB 3.0 Ports working on this setup? The Video works perfectly, but for some reason I can not get the USB 3.0 ports working.

    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset...
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