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    DVD issues with Mythtv + Xine

    Hi all, interesting problem that I am unable to find a solution for. I am running Mythbuntu 10.04, which I recently updated Mythtv to 0.24 without hassle. Where my issue lies is in playing some...
  2. Re: Is this a joke? Canonical, please stop supporting Dapper NOW!

    Currently do you know how many unresolved security issues exist in Win XP? Nope, no-one but Microsoft do. I think you'll find if the number was ever revealed XP would have more security issues than...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Newbie with a few questions

    1) Yep, via Samba. If you set a folder to be shared on your XP machine you can browse to it via Nautilus (Goto Place -> Home Folder, then Go -> Network and you should see your XP machine)....
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    Re: Windows 7 sucks

    Only crashed 4 times? Wait until next year when it starts shutting down every 2 hours on you :P

    I can't actually believe they are going to do that to people. It's fine to have an expiration date,...
  5. Re: This is the year of Linux on the Desktop!

    It's April 2nd...joke is on you!!
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    Re: Windows 7 - Linux Killer?

    It might dominate in terms of numbers available at stores to buy compared to Linux-based netbooks, but if MS go ahead with restricting the OS to run no more than 3 applications at once, it'll be...
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    Poll: Re: Why this forum is pink?

    nope...just you KIDDING.

    glad you started this thread, for a moment I thought I was the only one.

    Probably April fools
  8. Re: Arch Linux is now 64-bit only! No more i686/32bit!

    Does anyone actually think (I believe it is a joke) that it is a good idea for a distro to announce (if it is a joke) something like that on their main site under News??

    I was reading their forum...
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    Re: Who's Looking Forward To Ubuntu 9.04?

    I'm looking forward to having a play with the LiveCD, but from what I am reading there doesnt appear to be any reason for me to move from 8.10 right now. Be good to see how things are moving forward...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Monitor resolution

    Just goto System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution and in the dropdown box change to your desired resolution.

  11. Poll: Re: Would you prefer Ubuntu have a version that was a rolling release model?

    You can't have cutting edge and released "when it's done". Besides Debian performs that task rather well of ultra stable releases when ready, no point in Ubuntu following the same path, they'd be...
  12. Re: Koreans to get 1Gbit/sec broadband - as Brits hit 2Mbit/sec

    1.5/256 *cry* Damn Australia, pay for and get 10 year old technology as though it is the latest and greatest in the world!!
  13. Re: Microsoft to charge money for more than 2 apps open at once on Windows

    Charged money for running more than 2 apps? Care to expand on that at all?

    I'd be very interested to know how it will be implemented. Would running Google Chrome and having 3 tabs open (as we...
  14. Re: Which OS do you spend more time fixing? Windows or Ubuntu?

    I'd have to say Ubuntu as I rarely (prob every 2-3 months) boot into Windows :)

    Nah all seriousness with Windows I was spending some time each week fixing it (an hour or two). With Ubuntu I...
  15. Thread: Dibs

    by Solicitous

    Re: Dibs

    I actually prefer gentoo or freebsd's naming convention...nothing but release number. But I wont let a release name stop me using Ubuntu though :). Each to their own, but it wont stop the OS from...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Star Trek Serieses?

    For me it is TNG (I have all the DVDs, inc all currently 10 released Star Trek movies). Picard comes across as a well educated and sophisticated man. TOS would be second on my list. Never got into...
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    [ubuntu] Re: file sharing/permissions

    This thread might be of help to you.
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    Re: YUMMY or YUCKY

    As long as it is good sushi.

    pierogi anyone??
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    Poll: Re: Why I think Ubuntu is failing

    It's fine to point out the numbers of unanswered posts...BUT people here are not being paid, it is not their job to answer people problems, they do it because they want to.

    Secondly, does not...
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    Re: a little sad conclusion

    Is anyone actually able to tell me how they calculate those percentages??

    I'm always suspicious of statistics. From experience statistics are usually created to prove a certain argument, not...
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    Happy new year 2009

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL....well those of us in Australia anyway.

    Best wishes to all for 2009.
  22. Re: Blamed for computer problems you did not cause

    I find that kind of attitude from people a little disheartening. I really have trouble helping someone a second time if I've tried to help, got a point in the conversation and said "look not much I...
  23. Re: Acer say that Windows is crushing Linux sales on netbooks

    So would this change come 31st July 2009 when MS stop selling OEM versions of XP to system builders? Netbook with Vista? I don't think so, we might see a greater uptake of Linux netbooks.
  24. Re: Blamed for computer problems you did not cause

    Haven't worked in IT have you? I know when I was working in the IT industry everything that ever went wrong with a users computer was my fault. Mouse not fault, computer running...
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    Re: Dvico FusionHDTV Pro issues

    *bump* anyone?
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