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    [ubuntu] Re: can't read PDF's

    Try copying those pdf's in a flash drive and see if they run in some oneelse's windows (if u dont have it).... see if they work i guess ur pdfs are corrupted
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't update BIOS

    Well if You just want to check hardware temprature... install acpi some 13 kB i guess then run

    acpi -t

    u know ur temp if its around 60 its normal
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    Re: Anouncing my Ubuntu-based Distro

    I agree GNOME 2 has to die now but u know there are still a lot of applications whose integration in GNOME 3 is not yet done or is buggy it is a matter of time world will get settled to it...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to disable a particular command/application?

    Disabling as scottbomb said is

    sudo chmod ugo-x /usr/bin/rhythmbox

    whilw enabling it again is

    sudo chmod ugo+x /usr/bin/rhythmbox
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    [ubuntu] Re: Boot loader broken. Error

    is it that u want bootloader on your external hard drive and internal hard drive as well?
    well i am not sure but see what happes if u remove the USB hard drive put an ubuntu live cd and run...
  6. Re: How to Xephyr ~ AKA Multiple, nested X sessions

    I am trying to work on a new kdm4 theme.... restarting after a small change is annoying.... so i used Xephyr
    i tried both
    Xephyr :1 -query localhost -host-cursor -screen 1024x768


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    [ubuntu] Re: The partition is misaligned

    Well if anyone is using windows then :D i probably seem to have the solution. and it is EASEUS Partition Master in windows it is a really great tool as it can let you resize the partitions so first...
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    [ubuntu] Re: installed it by wubi.exe

    Well installing from wubi is like installing ubuntu as a regular application or game in windows u dont make another partition just use the current one! so i believe it is best to install it from a cd...
  9. [all variants] Re: Torrent Client with abillity to Auto Shutdown

    Well as this is asked for ubuntu all variants the answer is yes(now after a several years) Ktorrent:KS now has the ability to autoshutdown when all torrents are downloaded! I use ubuntu 10.04 lucid...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: No updates, yes updates: which is it?

    Well I dont know exactly but it happened to me also when i had wrong repositories added in softwear sources! so check it out if u the source u add is working or not!
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