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    [ubuntu] Re: programs take forever to load ubuntu 14.04

    If poor performance extends past just the openings then maybe you're using lvmpipe. Check in System Settings > Details > Overview or install mesa-utils & this could show -

    glxinfo |grep 'OpenGL...
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    Re: VLC problems after latest bluetooth update

    Ubuntu's implementation of bluetooth, at least as far as audio devices, currently is quite bad.
    Don't think it has anything to do with vlc per se, at least here it's -

    Every time the device is...
  3. Re: CDROM Drives Not mounting after Fresh Install 14.04

    You don't mount the device, just the filesystem on it. So blank media has nothing to mount & audio cd's can't be mounted, the representative contents are viewed or accessed by location, - ex.'s
  4. Thread: sort command

    by mc4man

    [SOLVED] Re: What the h ...

    Wow, such a nicely crafted question, chock full of info

    What he (or anyone) may have done is see if a subsequent sort binary that supported -h would run on 10.04. It likely would only come...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Added Gnome Shell, where did Unity go?

    That would probably work though -
    14.10 is EOL (end of life) over the summer
    14.10 is one of the crappiest releases ever ( please note that is my opinion

    If it was me I'd wait for 15.04, either...
  6. Re: Ubuntu 14.04.2, now available, through the repository propesed on trusty.

    None of the lts packages that this thread is about are considered upgrades
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    [ubuntu] Re: Added Gnome Shell, where did Unity go?

    Well whatever means you took to install gnome-session 3.12 (likely some ppa) breaks unity/ubuntu-session, .ect in 14.04
    So either -
    find some other way,
    use gnome-shell 3.10 instead,
    just use...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Added Gnome Shell, where did Unity go?

    See what these say, just simulations -

    sudo apt-get -s install ubuntu-session

    sudo apt-get -s install ubuntu-desktop
    You definitely can have ubuntu(unity) & gnome-shell (repo version 3.10)...
  9. Thread: Play MP3 Files

    by mc4man

    Re: Play MP3 Files

    Well there's never anything for sure with RB but try this command instead

    rhythmbox-client --enqueue --play
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    [SOLVED] Re: Rubyripper won't start.

    try removing ~/.config/rubyripper/settings
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    [SOLVED] Re: Gnome Nautilus Missing Options

    I don't use gnome sessions at all really but happened to install gnome-shell to ck. something. Nautilus here does have the cog & view buttons in a gnome-session.
    (- though with ambiance theme a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Rubyripper won't start.

    Open a terminal & run this, maybe it'll give you a clue

  13. [ubuntu] Re: Whats the best video player in the Software Center?

    Hmm, not really sure what determines that.
    I've some mkv's with subs & mpv always opens with them on. However I grabbed a version of Gravity (not quite the same as yours) & mpv opens with them off....
  14. [ubuntu] Re: What to do when the Options button (“Cog wheel”) disappears in nautilus from the

    Your 1st screen with cog & view buttons isn't anything seen in any recent ubuntu (14.04/13.10/14.10) when on an ubuntu session plus there is no window decoration nor a close button
    Your 2nd screen...
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    [SOLVED] Re: libav11

    libav11 isn't in the trusty repo's, you'd need to go to 14.10/15.04 or for trusty a ppa
  16. [ubuntu] Re: cmplayer/bomi, mpv,subs

    It uses mpv internally
    Don't see any suggest for mplayer here??

    There is a current trend for Debian/Ubuntu mpv packages (15.04) to recommend youtube-dl. I guess these upcoming players are also...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: cmplayer/bomi

    A player in progress based on mpv is bomi (formerly cmplayer
    ppa here for 14.04/14.10 -
    It differs in many ways from baka-mplayer, one...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot install programs. Error message: "Package dependencies cannot be resolved"

    What I'd probably do is add back the LO pre-release ppa, update sources & do a dist-upgrade. You could simulate the dist-upgrade first if desired

    sudo apt-get -s dist-upgrade
    If the sim looks ok...
  19. Re: Ubuntu 14.04 no dash, no launcher just wallpaper

    You may wish to open ccsm from a terminal & look at the 3rd line about "Profile". It should say "unity", if it says default then that needs to be changed.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot install programs. Error message: "Package dependencies cannot be resolved"

    Well that's unfortunate. Try using writer in a guest session & see if it works there. If it does then the issue is somewhere in your config's, if it also errors in a guest session then it's a system...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Google Chrome icon showed up at top of my desktop - ?

    This likely isn't from the Chrome App Launcher, I believe more this - (the reason why section, the 'systray' icon is from some app or extension...
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    [SOLVED] Re: HEVC Codec stops working after reboot

    Not sure what you have the 0.10 gstreamer plugin for, totem would have used the 1.0 one.
    As far as vlc maybe run it from a terminal & see if it produces any useful info. If not try with some...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Renovated abcde guide...

    That I can't say, seems to appear with the newer cdda2wav (3.01a26 tested here) but not with the stable release (3.00

    Didn't try your parameters as I've no need for readahead here, my drive does...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: MediaInfo: Version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found!

    I mean a package (.deb) that has been built for 14.04
    You linked to the mediainfo page & said you installed 0.7.72 by some unmentioned, by you, means. I'm not inclined to guess what that was.
  25. Re: How to download package and modify dependencies?

    There could be a couple of ways, one would be to take your currently installed phppgadmin package, unpack, edit the control file to suit, then repack & install the 'new' deb package.
    Your current...
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