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    [ubuntu] Re: EasyCap DC-60+ em28xx Drivers

    I have an em2860 device (KWorld USB2800D). I also compiled the latest drivers (Ubuntu 10.04).

    I use mencoder to capture my ancient VHS videos, I couldn't get cheese etc to work.

    This is the...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Brasero will not stay open (anybody else experience)?

    This is affecting me. I can burn DVDs with Brasero, by double clicking the .ISO, but if I start it from the menu or from a terminal session, it flashes and closes. No error messages anywhere I can...
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    Re: SiS 671/672 3D Graphics drivers

    That's good news, well done. I'm looking forward to your replies!
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    Re: Damn slow fsck in ext4 partitions

    I have exactly the same problem with Lucid RC running in Virtualbox. It's been running a disk check for over 15 minutes and has just reached 78%. Google found me your message. I'll carry on searching...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Recording sound from video capture device with mencoder

    Yes, I did run through the hoops you suggested. I used the sound recorder application to check I had sound coming in. That worked, I couldn't get mencoder to record sound.

    I think sound in Ubuntu...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Recording sound from video capture device with mencoder

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm going to try again shortly, after I've upgraded to Jaunty.

    Could I ask what parameters you give to mencoder, please?

    Cheers, Phil.
  7. [ubuntu] Recording sound from video capture device with mencoder

    I've recently bought a video capture card - a Kworld USB2800D. I'm trying
    to convert some ancient VHS home videos.

    I can record the video OK, but all I get is silence. I can record the
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Kernel update breaks xserver and sound

    I reloaded update manager later in the day and got 8 updates. This cured the problem. I suspect having proposed updates selected is the culprit, which I've removed (and backports).
  9. [ubuntu] Kernel update breaks xserver and sound

    This morning Ubuntu upgraded itself to 8.04.2. This included a kernel update, to 2.6.24-23. This broke the x-server, it would only start in low-resolution mode. I have a nvidia GeForce 8400 GS, which...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SiS 771/671 Mirage 3 Video Drivers!?!?

    I recently bought a laptop with SiS 671 graphics. I managed to get the screen to work in the correct resolution (1280x800@75hz) with 8.04. I detailed what I did here:
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Flash 10: Video corruption on videos.

    I'm also having trouble. This video worked earlier before the upgrade and failed afterwards. I've uninstalled version 10, forced back to version 9 an pinned it. The video now works again.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: eth0: PHY reset until link up. every 10 seconds

    Thanks for the reply. There is no "auto eth0" in interfaces:

    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    # Slow wireless:
    pre-up iwconfig wlan0...
  13. [ubuntu] eth0: PHY reset until link up. every 10 seconds

    I'm getting the message "eth0: PHY reset until link up." repeated every 10 seconds in my log files (/var/log/messages).

    eth0 is not in use - I'm connected wirelessly (wlan0). eth0 is a 191 Gigabit...
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    Re: kdevelop 3.2 problems

    Yes, installing libtool was the solution. Thanks very much for your help.
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    kdevelop 3.2 problems

    I've installed all the kdevelop3 packages, fired it up and tried to compile a simple hello world program, from the automatically generated source code. When I click build, a dialog asks me to run...
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