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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't start Karmic Live CD: wrong resolution

    Try with Free Software only option (under F6). I think that excludes any proprietary driver. On older machines, that should get you at least the basic graphic functionality, i.e., no compiz. However,...
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    Re: forum login problem in firefox

    OK, it's a zoom/size problem. The page design assumes certain sizes. I am zoomed in with a lot of pixels. Zooming out shrinks the search box and moves it off the login box.
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    [ubuntu] suggestions for replacement laptop


    A friend's Thinkpad R40 is aged (2004), and experiencing hot flashes. The repair shop is asking half the price of a new laptop to replace the heatsink. There seems to be a rash of such R40...
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    forum login problem in firefox

    Running Hardy Heron updated to current Firefox, amd64 version, ATI driver. The search box overhangs the login box. This makes it impossible to click into the login gox. I am using a Debian testing...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu on Dell Precision M6300 or comparable

    Well, I just lost my follow-up post here because I took too much time composing it and got logged out. So here's the brief version of it.

    I installed the 64-bit desktop version on the HP 8510w....
  6. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu on Dell Precision M6300 or comparable

    Congrats! I just heard on the webvine that live Hardy Heron has problems with ATI cards. I may have to pay for that choice with some hair :roll:. Hope I can get help here when the time comes.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu on Dell Precision M6300 or comparable

    I just placed my order for an HP 8510w, with the ATI FireGL instead of the Nvidia Quadro FX 570m, thus avoiding a proprietary driver. This is a step down and back from the 8710w, which is the...
  8. [ubuntu] ubuntu on Dell Precision M6300 or comparable


    New to ubuntu, but have run Debian/testing on my laptop for a while.
    I am deciding between Dell Precision M6300, or HP 8710w, or Lenovo T61P. Will try ubuntu (or a variant, don't know enough...
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