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    Re: HOWTO: Improve orange Dapper look

    Very nice website.
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    Write support

    nice one LKRAIDER, after doing chkdsk within my windows system it fixed allthe problems, cheers mate.
  3. Re: HOWTO: Install "wallpapoz" and have different wallpapers on each workspace

    Nice one, i did run into sum problems, but after reading onwards was able to fix it, it was coz of ur solution denzier. Got to say my linux was SUSE and i really liked it specially teh kde enviroment...
  4. Re: Need The Help Of Someone More Techie Than Myself *Sniff* (Noob in trouble)

    Not much help, but placing them on cable select wont resolve the problem, all it is saying is that you dont know whether if the drives shud be master or slave. If you havent try setting the drives on...
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