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    [ubuntu] Re: One virtual machine multiple distros

    I have sorted it out now. You can use an existing virtual machine.
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    Re: May not go back to Debain after all

    I really like Debian when I tried it. Be prepared to do some work though. Take it as a good learning experience. Ubuntu, Mint, Kubuntu we are seriously spoilt.
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    [ubuntu] One virtual machine multiple distros

    I need to keep a Windows XP virtual machine handy for out of hours work.
    I like to install lots of different distros, and my virtual machine is on a seperate hard drive.

    Is it possible to get one...
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    Re: Web Developers: Share Your Setup

    I know its old, but if you are desperate you can run Dreamweaver 8, Photoshop 7 fine in Ubuntu. You just need to install Wine to begin with.
    I think Photoshop CS works well too.
  5. Ubuntu 13.04 shaping up to be one of the best in my opinion

    I never really caught on to this whole Unity interface, but I have been dipping in every so often.

    I downloaded and installed 13.04 yesterday. Let me tell you, people are going to be pleased and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: cgi-bin forbidden error

    I have resolved the issue, at last.
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    [ubuntu] Re: cgi-bin forbidden error

    The problem is not solved. It was suggested to remove the ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/user1/www/cgi-bin/ from the apache default file which I did.

    This stopped the 403 forbidden error, however...
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    [ubuntu] cgi-bin forbidden error

    I installed apache2 and perl. Perl seems to be working correctly.

    I created a basic file, put the file in the cgi-bin and when I visit http://localhost/cgi-bin/ the webpage is...
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    [ubuntu] QT Creator - Ubuntu Apps

    I have followed the example over at to create this currency convertor.

    One thing that is bugging...
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    Windows 8, and people moaned about Unity

    Help set my father in law up with his new laptop. It came with Windows 8. First time I have used it.

    Trying to get your head around not having a start menu and working with those tiles is just...
  11. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    I honestly hated it to begin with. Installed 12.10 and now I am enjoying Ubuntu again and looking forward to the next release. It's a polished desktop.

    I get the odd niggle, to be expected, but...
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    Re: windows 8 and our ubuntu

    But what we have as Linux users is choice, at no cost. To honestly pay for an operating system that does not change for five or six years feels alien to me now. At least with Linux you get a new GUI...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Running Ubuntu 12.10 as a virtual machine

    I am giving it 1.5GB of ram, 128mb of Graphics memory. I have Intel i5 processor so I could look at giving it more processor.

    It's a shame because I remember when Ubuntu used to absolutely fly...
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    [ubuntu] Running Ubuntu 12.10 as a virtual machine

    I am currently using Kubuntu 12.10. I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 as a Virtual Machine. Ubuntu 12.10 installs fine, but performance is very sluggish.

    I have gone in to compiz settings manager and...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Install Virtual Machine on 2nd hard drive

    Thanks for the info.
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Install Virtual Machine on 2nd hard drive

    That makes sense. Think I will install the other drive today.
  17. [SOLVED] Install Virtual Machine on 2nd hard drive

    Is it possible to install a Virtual Machine on a second hard drive?
    I presume this also improves performance as well, but also saves space on your main hard drive.
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    Re: First impressions of 12.10

    Hopefully Ubuntu 13.04 will improve on performance issues, because I remember when Ubuntu used to fly.

    All in all I like 12.10. Performance could always be better and I have experienced the odd...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Icon text / lables to large on desktop

    It's ok I finally found it. Right Click on your desktop and Goto Desktop Prefereces > Label Text Font.
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    [lubuntu] Icon text / lables to large on desktop

    I have installed Lubuntu on my laptop. Managed to adjust all the fonts as they where massive.

    I appear to have one more font size to reduce, and that is the Desktop icon text.

    Does anyone know...
  21. Re: Why isn't computer science taught in schools?

    I had some family around last week. The house was hectic. Because there was only one laptop in the house, there was fighting amongst the kids to get on the Flash games.

    There was a PC upstairs...
  22. Re: Mozilla cuts back its Thunderbird development.

    I have actually just purchased a USB pen and I am going to be putting Thunderbird Portable on to it. I also found an extension that allows you to save multiple messages in .eml format, instead of...
  23. Re: Forget the Xbox, PlayStation and Wii say hello to Ouya

    The hours I used to spend on my Amiga playing these types of games. Good times indeed. I do like the idea of this console. Not really a gamer anymore but this is something I am interested in. There...
  24. Re: Mozilla cuts back its Thunderbird development.

    Will take another look at this. All my years using computers I have never bothered looking at how IMAP works.

    The other thing that has never been developed is a way to export all your emails to...
  25. Re: Mozilla cuts back its Thunderbird development.

    What I would love to see is a simple cross platform email client that is also portable. Web mail is great, but is a lot nicer to have your email saved on your desktop. I used thunderbird portable but...
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