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  1. Re: KDE running with GTK/Gnome window decorations

    Also try :

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm
    then choose kdm. It seems ,at least for me,in natty kdm works better than gdm.
    I remember I had in 10.04 cosmetic bug: when using expose effect, I could...
  2. Re: Few questions about upgrade and present functionality of Unity

    I see : I wanted to know if it is implemented or not. Now everything is clear. Waiting future updates :D.
  3. Re: Few questions about upgrade and present functionality of Unity

    Well I will give a try, but as I remember that didn't worked (I have in mind unity's menu with apps not gnome menu). And what you open from fresh start: I tried g-terminal, Firefox, nautilus. But...
  4. Re: Few questions about upgrade and present functionality of Unity

    For whatever reasons, gnome-panel in classic mode doesn't show up unless you choose to run no effects mode. Thats strange because I have thought that in normal if effects shouldn't be supported,...
  5. Few questions about upgrade and present functionality of Unity

    In Unity (2D) search window doesn't work. I write something and nothing show up. Also I click Music, Game, Photos & Videos , office and other thumbnails , they dissapear, but nothing show ups (icons...
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    [other] PPA cannot add key, network block!!!

    I need to get ppa working. Everything works, but when I need to add new ppa repo everything stucks at key from keyserver download. It is the fault of the filtered network connection with p2p ports...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Maverick desktop: no wallpaper, Nautilus "miracles"

    I found recently a solution, which I was searching whole week. I think problems was caused by some module left before upgrade from ubuntu 10.04. It was named gtk2-module-rgba.
  8. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Maverick desktop: no wallpaper, Nautilus "miracles"

    Hello I have some strange things hapenning after Ubuntu upgrade. First instead desktop wallpaper I get screen in same color as gtk theme. When I try to change wallpaper, it opens in taskbar 30 or so...
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    [SOLVED] Re: firefox from website

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    [SOLVED] firefox from website

    Hello I had recently downloaded Firefox tar archive from Firefox website containing latest prerealease version (minefield with new menu), I had tried to run it with no luck. It says that there are no...
  11. SVN, GIT and their problems (or my network)

    Hello everybody I have tried some systems used for chexkout the source code. I found that no system can checkout source code from project, it always shows connection timed out, whatever project I...
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    [gnome] buttons on Gnome panel

    I was trying to put gnome panel vertically in right side of the desktop. However I noted strange behavior: The buttons of the windows on panel (task-bar) does not fill whole free place on panel. When...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Transferring hard drive to new PC

    Yes of course you can. The main concern could be your video card. If it is from diferent manufacturer in worst case your x server may crash and you would be turned back to console. In best case your...
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    Launchpad PPA

    Is there anywhere list or something like that which could be documented PPA archives. I mean something like : 'Some Places Where You should Go in PPA'
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    Wow, I use Windows xp just for my minimal needs (for me it's required only at rare events). Software cost is not issue, if you have no heart... Luckily, now I'm good, law respecting user. My Windows...
  16. Thread: ubuntu 8-10

    by Enternald

    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 8-10

    Have you been using video card driver
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    Re: keyboard in wine

    Statistic tab show all and find thread by curent user helped me a lot :)
  18. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade to 7.10 my cpu running 100% all the time

    somewhere in properties of system monitor should be graph enable to show processes by all users not only yours.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trying to mount a drive

    It should be:
    sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/<drive label> -o force
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    Re: keyboard in wine

    I found the solution. I had two keyboard inputs. I found it in one forum. Solution was to remove one and second then add them again. this could be done in keyboard preferences.
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    [ubuntu] Re: urgent help needed GRUB chmod problem

    maybe "sudo -i" may work
  22. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade to 7.10 my cpu running 100% all the time

    Write "ps" (without ") if you wnt to know more about ps, write "man ps"
  23. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade to 7.10 my cpu running 100% all the time

    I think there is one terminal command that show all processes i can't REMEMBER it, it shows how many processor uses in example compiz, when spining cube etc.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: fullscreen applications exceeds refresh rate

    Yes, but I think that is because some of default setings. I see no problem using compiz-fusion, because it's not a somekind gliter or else, only monitor writes reduce your monitor settings to...
  25. [ubuntu] fullscreen applications exceeds refresh rate

    In some fullscreen aplications like opengl based games (supertux2 etc) etc my monitor at first run exceeds refresh rate (application tries to use more than 60hz, while lcd monitor has no more than 60...
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