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  1. [lubuntu] Re: Organising partitions to support upgrades?

    Updates are cached in /var, so if you don't clean it regularly /var will grow. But as they get updated, packages may slowly grow too, and the files belonging to these are spread all over your system....
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to open ns / nam after moving the installation folder (back and forth)

    Make that +2, and +1 to installing from the repositories if possible. And both Windows XP and any Ubuntu later than 12.04 via wubi usually are bad ideas too. See...
  3. Re: Unattended upgrades failed due to diskspace in /boot. How to reinstall&reconfig?

    You could try a lower level command to purge those old kernels:
    dpkg -P package1 package2(with root permissions of course, but I see you prefer a root terminal over sudo)
    dpkg will uninstall a...
  4. Re: fatal error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory

    You need the development version of the package to get the header files. On my system that's libgtk-3-dev, but I'm running 14.04. On your system it might be libgkt+3.0-dev. The package you tried...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: System clock resets ahead four hours after shut down

    It's best to have the mobo clock run on UTC. Imagine what would happen if multiboot 8 systems, have the clock on EST and all 8 systems want to change it to DST. You would end up using Moscow time....
  6. Re: Implications of compiling source packages?

    As a rule, there are no rules for getting software from outside the package manager. There are only guidelines.

    1: Downloading a precompiled binary usually give more or less the same result as...
  7. Thread: zip file

    by Impavidus

    Re: zip file

    The zip utility expects first options (if any), then the name of the archive and then the files to be archived. Don't put *.c in quotes, as zip will then think you want to archive the file named *.c,...
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    Re: 12.04 youtube problems

    Could you explain what kind of problems you have? And which browser you use?
  9. [lubuntu] Re: How do I unlink symbolic links all at once? and how do I make symlinks permament?

    A hardlink is a reference to a file in the file system. Most files only have a single hard link. unlink is a lower level command to remove a hardlink, rm is somewhat higher level. rm is smarter, it...
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    Re: Running out of space

    IIRC, in recovery mode only the root file system is mounted automatically (and some pseudo-filesystems, of course). No need to unmount anything before checking.

    BTW, here is a guide with general...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [ask] cofigure : error C++

    You need a compiler, as noted by steeldriver. Then you'll probably also need some development versions of libraries. The configure script ought to tell you which.

    But inkscape is available from...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Uninstall Windows 7

    Are you sure? To reinstall Windows later you need a Windows install disk, a backup of the files is not enough.

    But it's quite easy. You need the program gparted. You can install it from the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Loss of a drive after installation

    It told you it would wipe the drive, which indeed means the entire drive. The fact that Windows calls a partition a drive too doesn't help of course...

    Don't write anything to the hard drive until...
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    Re: 1 Drive LVM yes or no, dual boot

    LVM is an additional layer of complexity and therefore an additional opportunity for failure. If you don't know for sure LVM will be good for you, then don't use it. You will be able to resize your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: trouble installing Ubuntu

    Output from fdisk -l does not indicate UEFI/GPT. Was this Windows not preinstalled?

    Shrink the Windows partition using Windows tools. First defragging the Windows partition may speed things up....
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    [ubuntu] Re: installation from a script

    That output seems OK, so I've no idea why sudo bash triggered an error message from sudo. I think that was the right command to use, but sudo didn't even ask for your password and threw an...
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    Re: Updating Ubuntu linux

    I once had an update go wrong, giving me a black screen on reboot and making the computer unusable. Only once in 8 years of using Ubuntu, and it was quite easy to solve.
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    [ubuntu] Re: installation from a script

    Running sudo bash (which I think is the correct command to use) gave an error. This error didn't come from the script, but from sudo. That shouldn't happen.

    I know non-root users can't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: installation from a script

    It says
    sudo: unable to stat /etc/sudoers: No such file or directoryThat's a pretty serious error. The first time the script complains about Root priviliges [sic], so I think sudo bash is...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Computer crashes during installation of 14.04 32 bit

    1GB is not enough for Ubuntu (unless you have a graphics card with a lot of its own memory), but Lubuntu should be fine. But of course the memory has to work correctly.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Computer crashes during installation of 14.04 32 bit

    Could you give us the specs of that computer? Old laptops don't always have enough RAM. Have you tried using the lightest flavour of Ubuntu Lubuntu, that is? CPU and graphics may also be...
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    Re: Simple Newbe Question about dual boot.

    Ubuntu doesn't really suffer from fragmentation until the drive is nearly full, so formatting the drive won't give you a significant speedup. Ubuntu does slow down when the drive gets full, but only...
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    Re: Making Ubuntu just like Chrome OS?

    Instead of stripping down a full desktop edition, you can build up from the minimal .iso:

    Just install what you need.
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Do I have to have Wine to run Firefox? Problems with Flash crashing since upgrade

    Indeed, no reason to run wine. I never have.

    Firefox can use the flash player when you install the package flashplugin-installer. It will get you flash version 11.2, which is old, but works on...
  25. Re: Upgrade Ubuntu 6.04 on antiquated machine?

    It's 6.06. Dapper Drake was the only Ubuntu release ever to be delayed by two months, and it has been unsupported (no security updates) for 6 years.

    My father has a computer stil happily running...
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