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  1. Unable to make right hand monitor the primary monitor after reboot

    I am using ubuntu 14.04. I am able to make my right hand monitor the primary using the "Screen Display" system setting tool but after reboot this monitor is forced to be on the left of the...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 lts Hp touchpad right click problem

    Hi, I'm not familiar with c programming but it wasn't too tricky to work out. I have attached a patch file of the changes I have made in case they are useful to any one else. This has the top 80% of...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 lts Hp touchpad right click problem

    Thanks for getting back to me. It's devided up vertically not horizontally as I first said.

    What I'd like ideally is to only have the buttons section devided into left and right buttons (no middle...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 lts Hp touchpad right click problem


    This patch works on my HP DM-1 touchpad in making right click available but it seems as if my touchpad is devided into 3 areas horizontally so that when I click the pad in the first third I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: DVB card not working

    I'm not sure what was going on but I seem to have it working now and the only thing I had to do above a vanilla install was to install linux-firmware-nonfree
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    [ubuntu] DVB card not working


    I'm having trouble getting my DVB card to work on Ubuntu 11.10

    Details of the card from an lspci -v are...

    07:01.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7146 (rev 01)...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Sound issues with nvidia GTX460 via HDMI

    OK I think I have solved both my problems. It looks like it was to do with the way pulse and alsa were working together. For the record this is what I did...

    Run aslamixer
    Using F6 switch to the...
  8. [ubuntu] Sound issues with nvidia GTX460 via HDMI


    I'm trying to get sound working in ubuntu 10.10 via the HDMI connection in my nvidia GTX 460

    Currently when I first boot up I get no sound at all but I can manually sort this by:

  9. Re: Quickly arrange channel numbers in MythTV (UK DVB)

    Thanks for the above posts, most helpful. Just been through a process of updating for a recent scan so I thought I would paste it here for others...

    use mythconverg;
    update channel set channum=1...
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