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    Support in Albuquerque wanted

    I would like to start a support group in Albuquerque, through emails and IM sessions, using GAIM, ; my email address is Your subject when emailing would be Ubuntu NM...
  2. Re: Resolving error mplayer ia32openoffice

    Hi- when I did the ls /usr/mplayer it showed mplayer, mplayer32 and mplayer64- but did not show file with the -al command- is this where my conflict lies? I am unable to update open office- E:...
  3. Re: HOWTO: Install Windows XP/2000 in VMWare Player

    <reply to rant> I am a new to Linux/unix and Ubuntu, about one year now. I too find the learning curve very frustrating. Even all the books and online tutorials, in my understanding, quite often...
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    Re: Wmv9 on AMD64

    Hello- I am a new Linux user and still do not "get it"- when I unpacked the essential file it said save it to temp file- didn't allow me to create a win32 dir- (from package mgr)- so 4. Fetch the...
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