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  1. [ubuntu] Support for AMOD AGL3080G GPS logger

    Is there a way to use the Amod AGL3080 GPS logger under Ubuntu? I'm running 10.10.

    The vendor supports Windows and OS-X; I can't get the vendor's reader program to work under Wine.

    Error under...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hard to "grab" window resize corner

    Link to issues is
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    [ubuntu] Hard to "grab" window resize corner

    If this belongs in another section, please let me know.

    Ever since I upgraded to 10.10 (32 bit) I have serious trouble resizing windows. Seems to be accross all applications, from Chrome and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Why not all the RAM memory is used?

    PAE helps when you have more than 4GB. It does not remove the big blocks of reserved memory in the 3GB and up area. For most folks, when you go over 4GB, you might as well run a 64bit OS. PAE was an...
  5. Getting back to main "gnome" shell with UNR 10.10 from Unity

    I've installed UNR 10.10 on an Asus EEE, and I'm not in love with Unity.

    I assume that there is some way to get the standard GUI with the Applications, Places, System, etc. on the toolbar. (I have...
  6. Re: Can't install Canon DPP underr Wine 1.2

    Er, thanks. Perhaps I should just stick with UfRaw.....
  7. Can't install Canon DPP underr Wine 1.2

    I'm trying to install Canon's DPP 3.6 from the Canon OEM disk.
    When I cd to

    cd /media/CanonEOS202W
    wine setup.exe

    the program starts, and initially asks for a selection of the Americas or...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: F-spot crashes when trying to launch. Error message displays

    I can get it to launch, but it blows up when I try to open a file to look at.

    f-spot --version
    F-Spot - (c)2003-2009, Novell Inc
    Personal photo management for the GNOME Desktop
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    [ubuntu] Re: With PAE, still limited to 3.00 GB

    Thanks, I'll declare that its a bonus
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    [ubuntu] Re: With PAE, still limited to 3.00 GB

    Manufacturer: LENOVO
    Product Name: 8744J2U
    Version: ThinkPad T60p

    Actually, the old documentation never talked about more than 2GB, I bet because back then, 1GB sticks was all that you could...
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    [ubuntu] Re: With PAE, still limited to 3.00 GB

    The BIOS doesn't report anything about memory.

    The result of your command is

    Handle 0x0029, DMI type 16, 15 bytes
    Physical Memory Array
    Location: System Board Or Motherboard
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    [ubuntu] Re: With PAE, still limited to 3.00 GB

    my big desktop, 8GB ram, quad core, works great in 64. There were problems with things like Flash and Skype, but even they are a lot better these days.

    I may consider it, but the system (a laptop)...
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    [ubuntu] Re: With PAE, still limited to 3.00 GB

    Both of these pass. Uname shows pae as well.

    Will check the bios and get back
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    [ubuntu] With PAE, still limited to 3.00 GB

    I've got a system running 10.04 32 bit. Its got 4GB of ram, but only seems to use 3.0. I expected that it could use 3.something, with some blocked out for video buffers, LPT: support, etc.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Hate white on black popups

    Thanks, that looks very useful. I'll have to drive around in it a bit to learn what it can control.
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    [all variants] Re: How do I setup an SSH server

    all you need are to install sshd, using Synaptic, apt-get, etc.

    If the computer is inside your house, using DHCP, you just need to bind a fixed IP address to the MAC address of its NIC.

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    [ubuntu] Hate white on black popups

    Since I upgraded to 10.04, too many of the roll-over and popup notifications show as black background with white (or yellow) text. I find this unreadable.

    What controls this? How can I change it...
  18. [ubuntu] miro periodically decides to download every version of every show in all the feeds

    Miro 3.0.1
    Running 10.04 (32) with current patches.

    I've been using Miro for years and like it as a podcast aggregator. But lately, every once in a while, say once a week, it goes wacky and...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Moving buttons in Chrome/Chromium?

    Thanks a lot. It was driving me crazy to have everything on the left except Chrome.

    Whether or not having buttons on the left is "good" is a topic for another day.
  20. [all variants] Re: How do I copy data from a disk with a "best effort"

    when I try this, using
    sdd -version
    sdd 1.52 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

    I get an error:

    sdd if=/dev/hdh1 of=/bay5/imagebay1 bs=4096 conv=sync noerror
    sdd: Bad Option: 'conv=sync'
    Usage: sdd...
  21. [all variants] Re: How do I copy data from a disk with a "best effort"

    How do I find the blocksize of the existing disk/partition?
  22. [all variants] Re: How do I copy data from a disk with a "best effort"

    You are correct, I didn't think to mount it RO.
    And it does take forever.....

    I'll try your ideas.
  23. [all variants] Re: Does Java compilation use all cores on quad core CPU?

    It depends on which compiler you are using. I'm pretty sure that parallel compilation is a very hard task, you tend to get a lot of interdependencies in non-trivial code.

    I can say that my...
  24. [all variants] How do I copy data from a disk with a "best effort"

    I've got a nice new 1.5tb SATA disk, and a bunch of really old 60GB and 80GB IDE disks. I want to transfer the data from the old to the new.

    There seem to be some problems in the old disks, so a...
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    [all variants] Re: WD hard drive compatibility w/Ubuntu

    I had a related problem with a 1.5TB green WD disk. My main, and new, Ubuntu system handled it flawlessly, but I tried it in two older computers ~circa 2005, the disk was not recognized.
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