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    [ubuntu] Wireless signal dropping

    I know this is a reported bug in 12.04, but i cant seem to get a work around to work. I have a wmp110 range plus wireless card. Version 2.0. The signal just sorta stops at random moments and doesnt...
  2. [ubuntu] Getting steam and MW3 Running through wine without re downloading MW3

    So i have 2 HDDs in my computer. One has windows and ubuntu 12.04 running on it. The other is a GUID partion table that is just a storage drive. I have a full copy of my steam folder on the storage...
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    [all variants] Re: Extra Mouse Buttons - Logitech G600

    Isnt that supposed to just be another number set? is your numlocks on? I know on my naga numlock has to be on in ordger for it to work.

    Is the device named or is if unknown pointer...
  4. [other] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 lts Hp touchpad keyboard problem

    Some more information is needed man. What version/distro are you running? Have you tried plugging them in and seeing if they work? I know that 11.10 and up has issues with mouse and keyboards via...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Another Wireless thread

    I have a 64 bit computer and on windows it works fine? Also when hardwired it works fine. I will try the links you sent ty for the help. :P
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Absolutely Love ubuntu just cant get wireless working on laptop!

    Same issue here. :-( I head that ndiswrapper works good, but nothing here, I see in terminal my wireless card, but no luck on emulating the wireless driver for a linksys. Anyone wanna tell me why...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Wireless Drivers support.

    I cant get my wireless card to even install. Is debian a little more supportive of wireless networking. I hear that kubuntu/ubuntu dont really like the wireless world and try to stick to hardwired....
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    [kubuntu] Another Wireless thread

    I am sure there are like 14 million threads on how to get wireless working on linux in general. I have been trying to get this 200 ft Ethernet cable out of my hallway and my wireless driver working....
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