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    [SOLVED] Re: ASUS EeePC 1001PX, hard disk clicking

    If it only makes that noise when on battery power you should check your power settings (click System --> Preferences --> Power manager, I think) and check if your hardrive is set to "Spin down when...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Transmission stops Firefox / Chrome

    Same problem here too, as long as there is a download active (even if it is not seeding/downloading) Firefox/Chromium grinds to a halt. Every webpage I try to load times out, anyone know why this is...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Hard drive-problems without symptoms? Problems ahead?

    Update - Report after new hard drive installtion:

    After installing my new 500GB HD from Hitachi (a model that is supposedly designed to run at low temperature). Installed Windows 7 and have run it...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Hard drive-problems without symptoms? Problems ahead?

    Having failed to figure out any other reasonable solution, I ordered a new drive. It should arrive on monday and then I'm afraid it might be back to Windows 7 again. I'm having a really hard time...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: does anybody having a western digital harddisk experience this problem ?

    I'll do that, once I've checked the idle temperature from another OS just to make sure that Ubutu is causing it.

    Will, however, probably buy a new HD soon. I guess I'll avoid Western Digital for...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: does anybody having a western digital harddisk experience this problem ?

    Haven't checked with windows, but when running ubuntu 9.10 my laptops harddrive runs at an alarming 62 degrees celsius, even when ldle...

    [Edit] After a bit of searching I found out that the...
  7. [ubuntu] Hard drive-problems without symptoms? Problems ahead?

    Just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my 1-year old laptop the other day. Partioned the disk manually and everything went smoothly. Haven't noticed any hard drive-related problems running 9.10 (or Windows 7,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 4 hardware questions.

    I have no idea if this helps, but upgrading my Pa3553 to the latest BIOS fixed my WLAN-problems. It added some new options in BIOS where you could disable/enable wireless more or less permanently....
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    [xubuntu] Re: Wireless Not Working

    Just like'd to say thanks. I have the same laptop and experienced exactly the same problem with Ubuntu 9.10. BIOS-upgrade from Fujitsu fixed it all! It seems that with the updated BIOS you can...
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