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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Random mouse/system freeze requires hard reset

    Thanks but I am using an Intel CPU (see signature)
  2. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Random mouse/system freeze requires hard reset

    Sorry, could you explain what "top" means? I am newish to Linux (refugee from Windows). Could you explain step by step what I should do or link me to instructions please?

    Most of your suggestions...
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    Re: I hope they haven't bailed on syncing Linux/KDE with Android

    Google = NSA. Ditto Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and all the other big Silicon Valley tech companies that offer "free services". As US companies, they are all obliged to cooperate, willingly or...
  4. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Random mouse/system freeze requires hard reset

    Answer came there none.
  5. [ubuntu_studio] Random mouse/system freeze requires hard reset

    Using v12.04 LTS duel booting with Window 7 Home Premium SP1.

    Using the AMD/ATI FGLRX proprietary graphics (post release updates) driver from Additional Drivers.

    I have recently started getting...
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    Re: Why do you choose Ubuntu over Windows

    I duel boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu Studio but I now use Ubuntu 99% of the time. The Snowden revelation about Microsoft collaboration with the NSA was the last straw for me. The news that MS informs the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: cinelerra 4.5 running as root ??

    I have just installed Cinelerra CV 2.2 using this tutorial:

    The only change I had to make was to substitute

    sudo apt-get...
  8. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 periodically crashes

    Yes, it always happens while I am online with Firefox (I always keep it up to date) and often also the latest TOR browser is running as well (I switch between them). The crash doesn't just occur when...
  9. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 12.04 periodically crashes

    Every so often for no apparent reason the xfce top panel and the menus disappear. And Ubuntu Studio 12.04 appears to crash. ALT + F2 brings up nothing. I can access the terminal by right clicking...
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Re: What are the chances of a decent semi-pro video editor?

    Try Lightworks used to edit films such as Braveheart, King's Speech, Wolf of Wallstreet. Available as deb file and tested on Ubuntu.
  11. [all variants] New Lightworks NLE Beta 11.5c available

    Since the synchronisation of the Linux and Windows versions of Lightworks NLE was achieved with v11.5 recently, there is now a much more rapid pace of Beta releases. Version 11.5c is now available...
  12. [all variants] Lightworks for Linux v11.5 Beta is now out

    A new Lightworks for Linux Beta v11.5 is now out with a much wider range of export formats than previously. AC-3 audio can now be imported without having to transcode to wav. It is now possible to...
  13. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Top XFCE panel (taskbar) stops working

    Thanks. I have been doing some research on the Web about possible causes and one is CPU temperature being too high. Yesterday, I installed Psensor and the highest temperature I got was 67 degrees....
  14. [ubuntu_studio] Top XFCE panel (taskbar) stops working

    I'm having problems with the XFCE top panel in Ubuntu Studio 12.04. Several times a day when I click on the open tabs, nothing happens and the right hand side log out/shut down menu also is gone. I...
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    Re: Updating Firefox flash plugin

    It is a tar gz file which I have extracted to a folder on my desktop. Running
    sudo cp /usr/lib/flash-plugin/ results in message "cp: cannot stat `': No such file...
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    Updating Firefox flash plugin

    I previously installed the Firefox flash plugin via the Ubuntu software centre. It is now out of date. There is no update via the software centre. So I have downloaded the...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Uninstall Thunderbird addon?

    Many thanks for the advice. In the end I resolved my problem without having to uninstall Enigmail.
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    [ubuntu_studio] Uninstall Thunderbird addon?

    I want to uninstall a Mozilla Thunderbird v17.07 addon called Enigmail and then do a clean reinstall. But there is only a disable option. I even tried uninstalling Thunderbird and reinstalling it...
  19. [ubuntu_studio] Colour Wallpaper image suddenly turns monchrome

    My desktop wallpaper colour image has suddenly turned black and white while I was fiddling with my Desktop settings and I can't see how to change it back. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  20. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Converting to H264 MP4 with FFMBC GUI in WINE

    Thanks for the advice. I will give it a whirl. Thing is that at least two other Ubuntu testers (one using Ubuntu 12.04) are able to do the conversion without error. Does the error message give any...
  21. [ubuntu_studio] Converting to H264 MP4 with FFMBC GUI in WINE

    I am testing a Windows GUI for ffmbc called Eyeframe Converter in WINE on Ubuntu Studio 12.04. It is being developed by the Lightworks community to convert to Lightworks-friendly intermediate and...
  22. Thread: OpenNIC

    by shaunthesheep

    [ubuntu_studio] Re: OpenNIC

    Thanks for the image. I am having trouble saving the added DNS servers. After adding them with commas separating them, the Save button is greyed out.

    Do I edit the existing connection or make a...
  23. Thread: OpenNIC

    by shaunthesheep

    [ubuntu_studio] OpenNIC

    I ma trying to configure Ubuntu Studio 12.04 for Open NIC. The step by step instructions on the the OpenNIC site for Ubuntu don't appear to match what I see in Ubuntu Studio. Can someone please...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: How do I avoid dual boot menu problems arising from Ubuntu/Windows updates?

    Here is some more info about resolving multiple boot time conflicts.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: How do I avoid dual boot menu problems arising from Ubuntu/Windows updates?

    After further searching the web on the clock issue, I came across a way of making Windows 7 use UTC BIOS. See this page.

    Create a text file and copy the following into it

    Windows Registry...
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