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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    Equium P200-1ED

    Worked straight off the CD.
    Wireless and sound support straight off.
    Graphics Driver "Unknown" (will probably look in to that)
    Experience "Standard"

  2. Poll: Re: HOWTO : Create a FTP server with user access (proftpd)


    It just goes to show that the more you look at something the less you see :$

    It works on localhost, just need to sort my router out.

    Many many thanks
  3. Poll: Re: HOWTO : Create a FTP server with user access (proftpd)

    Sorry to drag this up again, but I am getting the 530 error.

    I have configured it exactly as the first post

    I have confirmed the CHMODs
    I have created the user (userftp) from both the...
  4. Re: Microsoft makes claim on Linux code

    Oooooops :(
  5. Microsoft makes claim on Linux code

    Just picked this up of The Register -

    "Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that every user of the open source Linux system...
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    Re: Share your Favorite Online Games!

    Currently playing BF2142, though I keep going back to Condition Zero.

    Best all time, in that I keep going back to them??
    Would be a toss up between The original Unreal Tournament and Counter...
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    Poll: Re: How big of a computer geek are you?

    A lowley 79%.
  8. Re: Do Ubuntu users/advocates value their time?

    That, I believe, is what it is all about. Well said that man.

    PS. That is not to say that Linux is only for geeks.
  9. Re: Do Ubuntu users/advocates value their time?

    I also read the woes of many poeple, but have to say that I had the base Ubuntu up and running at the speed of a speedy CD-ROM on a speedy machine :)

    I set up my TV card in about 10 mins + about...
  10. Re: What's everyone's level of education here?

    Blimey, makes me feel old.

    I have a degree in Law and Solicitors Professional exams, have been permenantly employed in IT for 16 years now.
    I did not start my degree until I was 27.

    Still a...
  11. Re: Why not build a CD-shipping center in Asia?

    Here in the UK it has been "given away" on two magazines (Linux User and Personal Computer World), plus one of the stores (WHSmith) sold an Ubuntu special magazine for around 6.50, all in the last...
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    Poll: Re: Avast or AVG Free?

    I use AVG if it is a 32bit machine, 'cos it is generally recommended more.

    BUT, I use Avast on my 64bit machine 'cos there was not a 64bit version of AVG and the 32bit one would not install/work.
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    Re: HOWTO: Install FreeNX

    Having just read the entire thread I know this question has been asked, but no one has answered it. Well it was asked three times by the same person.

    NX Server is up and running sweet as a nut....
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