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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot give write permissions to samba shares

    Hmm I see

    Each time i connect to the samba share it asks me for password since I have enabled the user security and I login with the credentials of the user in my server.

    I will play with it a...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot give write permissions to samba shares

    Oh, yea I want to have user authentication that's why I have guest at no.
    But I thought that chowing to nobody.nogroup would allow anyone to rw in the folder. So I guess I need to chown it to the...
  3. [ubuntu] Cannot give write permissions to samba shares

    Hello everyone.

    I have an ubuntu server and I followed this guide to make some samba shares for my network

    However the folder...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Probably issue with update?

    Oh. I for some reason believed that
    apt-get upgrade upgraded Ubuntu to the next version, eg from 12 to 13 and that the update was supposed to do all the work.

    Thanks guys
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    [SOLVED] Probably issue with update?

    Hey guys

    I'm trying to update my ubuntu server and I'm not sure what's going on since this is what
    apt-get update reports:

    Ign precise InRelease
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