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  1. [ubuntu] LVM setup and Partitioning issues during 64 bit server install

    A couple of days ago, I spent several hours trying to work through setting up a logical volume during the installation of the 12.04 64 bit Server edition. My machine had twin 80gb IDE drives. I...
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    [ubuntu] Swat issue with Server 12.04

    I am wondering if anyone else has had problems using the Swat webpage interface to configure Samaba in Ubuntu Server 12.04. Swat worked well in version 10.04, but now, whenever I do something in the...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: System Admin Question(s) About IP Addressing

    Some really great answers here, and I thank each of you for your suggestions. I checked the dd-wrt site, but mine is not listed. However, I have some other networking hardware that was given to me,...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: System Admin Question(s) About IP Addressing

    TheFu, thank you for your answer! My router does have reservations, but I am going to look into your suggestion about dd-wrt.
  5. [ubuntu] System Admin Question(s) About IP Addressing

    My tiny heterogeneous network consists of four machines including the network server running Ubuntu Server 10.04 headless, a Vista desktop, an Ubuntu desktop, and an XP laptop. IP addresses are...
  6. warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted


    Here is the trouble maker:
    warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted

    Here is the issue: I am getting the above error, and it is preventing the marker...
  7. Thread: Openoffice

    by jiangshi


    Just curious to know why the switch from Openoffice to libreoffice.

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    Re: Network Programming in Assembly

    This is not exactly a programming question, but I am wondering is anyone knows what happened to Konstantin Boldyshev and his site?

  9. [xubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    Very good advice, and I shall take it!

    Thank you!
  10. [xubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    The 64 bit iso for 11.10 boots up just fine. I do not know what could be the issue with the 10.04 iso. The machine has a sata dvd burner/player, perhaps there is something in the older iso that the...
  11. [xubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    I still have the same problem, but I have verified that the 64 bit iso that I downloaded is definitely for a 64 bit machine. As you have pointed out, an error will come up on the screen. I was not...
  12. [xubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    No, I did not pick the first Ubuntu I tried. I have used them all at some point in time. I used to prefer the KDE GUI, but I like the Gnome better now. In my earlier days of Linux, not long after...
  13. [xubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    I went to the Xubuntu site and downloaded the 10.04 64 bit iso, and still the same results. I downloaded the alternate 64 bit iso, and it installs. I am wondering if maybe the regular 64 bit iso is...
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    Re: DDD open program text box not working

    Thank you for your response - I've tried from the command line, and I get the same results. DDD starts up, but any text box, including the file dialog boxes, do not accept any text. I cannot get even...
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    DDD open program text box not working

    Greetings! I have a fresh install of 10.04 Ubuntu. Using Synaptic Package Manager, I downloaded and installed the Data Display Debugger. My hope is that it works better than Kdbg. Well, apparently...
  16. [xubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    I just found another computer (32 bits) and the disk boots the computer. Will a 64 bit iso boot on a 32 bit machine? I'm thinking it shouldn't. I checked and made sure that I downloaded the correct...
  17. [xubuntu] 10.04 LTS xubuntu 64 bit iso does not boot

    I have downloaded the 64 bit version of the iso for xubuntu twice, and burned the image from two different machines. However, I cannot get the computer to boot to the new CD. Yet the same computer...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Wired Network Problem

    Greetings, Iowan!

    Thank you for your reply. Listed below are the results:

    Results from ifconfig -

    lo Link encap:Local Loopback
    inet addr: Mask:
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    [xubuntu] Wired Network Problem


    I just bought an Acer Aspire One mini notebook - 1.6ghz Intel Atom processor N270; 1gb ram; 160gb HD. It came loaded with XP Home, but is now dual-booted with Xubuntu 9.04.

    NIC is...
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    [xubuntu] Re: keyboard Preferences

    Okay, I have found a solution. Don't know if it is the best, but it seems to work.

    In prowling around on the Xubuntu site, I found a document entry for 6.06, but it works for 8.10. It seems there...
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    [xubuntu] keyboard Preferences

    Ubuntu has under System/Preferences a listing named Keyboard. Selecting this gives the user many options for the keyboard, all in a dialog box titled "Keyboard Preferences. One of the main options is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nothing Displaying After Start-Up

    Greetings, Kly367!

    Yes, this is getting to be a common problem with 8.10. I have tested 6 machines that are capable of running SuSE Linux and Windows, but will not run Ubuntu 8.10. This set of...
  23. [all variants] Re: Newbie here - Deciding between Ubuntu or Xubuntu

    I've had pretty good luck loading Xubuntu on older laptops. The docs say it is lighter weight than Gnome or KDE, and it is a good looking gui. It might be worth a try.

  24. [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu 8.10 AMD64: install process drops to shell

    I have the same problem with an ASUS A8N-E MB and AMD 64bit Athlon processor. It runs SuSE 64bit just fine, but I can't even make it all the way through the install with the 64 bit Ubuntu 8.10...
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    Re: What is wrong with the forum's website???????????

    I've noticed the same thing. If it doesn't clear up in a minute or two, I close my browser session and then restart it. That generally works. I suspect that with as many people using these forums,...
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