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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount location: Failed to retrieve share list from server

    I'll agree that the problem started in 8.04 but don't think the problem is Gnome alone since my machines running other distributions are working.

    My problem is the same only with Samba file...
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    Re: Word association

    Jack Danials
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    [ubuntu] Re: rtl8187B through ndis wrapper (8.04)

    I have not been able to get WEP to work with the modified .inf file through ndiswrapper either. However, it does work in WPA & WPA2 modes, and the modified drivers mentioned else where work perfectly...
  4. [all variants] Re: For those with the realtek 8187b wireless card

    I unfortunately use a mixed WPA/WPA2 network and those drivers would lockup when I tied to connect. I would lower the security to WEP but I have information that requires highest security possible...
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    [ubuntu] Re: correct PCI insertion for wifi?

    Your lspci wont show anything since its an internal usb card (use lsusb). And you can use the driver from any OEM website or Realtek directly as long as the modified line listed in the previous link...
  6. [all variants] Re: For those with the realtek 8187b wireless card

    Does anyone have this driver working in the 64bit version? I really cannot figure out what is causing the driver (or kernel) to crash or ignore the wireless card.
  7. [all variants] Re: For those with the realtek 8187b wireless card

    Alright I got wireless working (WPA and WPA2) in the 32 bit version, but in the 63 bit version (yes I have both installed right now) I get the same error.

    The GDM crashes, the error says that...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I honestly have not had Windows on my system for about 3 years now. However I do still have to deal with it as others in my family refuse to see the light :)
  9. [all variants] Re: For those with the realtek 8187b wireless card

    Thanks, I'll try that right after I try the new ndiswrapper, Hopefully it wont crash when I try to load the 64bit driver
  10. [all variants] Re: For those with the realtek 8187b wireless card

    Someone Please help. I really am in a jam here, I have to leave for business in a week and wireless would be really helpful.

    If I can't get this to work I'll have to put ***shudder*** Windows...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Question about overheating

    You can view and change how the system handles power and temperature using acpi command.

    I've also found that open office and some flash videos heat up the system for a while, but the cool off.
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    Re: Gaming on Linux a reality?

    I agree, I know ALOT of people who only run Windows for the gaming ability, but dual boot Linux for EVERYTHING else.

    We really need to drive the games for Linux, thats the one real thing holding...
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    Re: learning linux

    I have to agree Ubuntu is the easiest Linux distro I've seen.

    It installs easy, installs packages and updates easily, almost everything can be done graphically so the transition from Windows isnt...
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    Re: Do you back up?

    As soon as the new system is installed (always do clean install, I've had fewer issues I've found) I make an image of the system, then reconnect to the Samba server, which is where the files are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: First of all, I Love Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is what I use on my laptop for school and everything works fine.

    Adobe Flash and gflash (i think thats the name) both let you see flash objects.

    I dont use itunes but I think tamoneya...
  16. Re: I think the forum community stands in the way of Ubuntu's improvement

    Are you friggin kidding me! aMAC user said Ubuntu looks like a toy! has she looked at her own OS, it looks like an 8th grader decided how it should look!
  17. [all variants] Re: New CUPS server install, having issues need help

    I know it can be hard to get peoples attention here sometimes, lol

    The source code is here:

    Hope this helps
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    [ubuntu] Re: "Dual booting"

    It is not possible to boot 2 OS's at the same time.

    But you have a few options.

    1- Linux can run Windows programs via WINE natively
    2- or as you said install a Windows virtual machine in...
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    Re: The BUMP Thread

    Wow, this really is the most useless thread I've seen on the forum, lol

    ...and bump :lolflag:
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    [ubuntu] Re: No sound in flash

    If your using the 64bit either the adobe or gflash doesn't get sound. Its been a while since I installed flash, but I remember having to install both, then removing the gflash and things work fine...
  21. Re: The Ultimate Company or the end of the world....?

    I personally think that would be a disaster! Then Yahoo would be another good product/service eaten by Microsoft, to have all the good things ripped out and burned, then never to be seen again :)
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to check if hardware is intalled correctly

    Wireless is a pain to get to work.

    Please post the results of these commands so we can get you the right driver

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    [ubuntu] Re: beginner here

    Depends on which boot loader you want to use.

    I would personally install Windows first, partition the drive leaving room for Ubuntu. Then once windows is in install Ubuntu.

    Reason being Ubuntu...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Stealing more disk space from dual booted vista drive

    Did you make primary or logical partitions?

    If they are primary or extended partitions then your best bet would be a program like partition magic since it can resize the partitions preserving the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Does HP Laserjet 1018 work on Hardy?

    Have any of you tried just adding the printer via admin>printing.

    I have the HP LJ 2600n which uses the same foo2hp driver and it comes pre installed with Hardy, it works perfect for me, colour...
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