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    [other] Re: [SOLVED] Gmail - HTML View vs Standard View

    Unfortunately, I don't have a solution to this one. I am just posting to let you know that I have the same problems. Perhaps it is more widespread than you/we think?

    Like I said, I also have...
  2. [ubuntu] Problems with WPA and RutilT with newest kernel(s)

    I have been using RutilT since I have an old rt2500 wireless card. While this isn't an optimal solution, it did work until recently.

    Upon upgrading to the two most recent Linux kernels 2.6.24-19...
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    Re: Install Google Earth

    I have similar troubles, although the patchwork is sort of usable. I can usually get a square in the lower left corner that is usable, although the controls in the upper right get all screwed up and...
  4. Re: How to stream mp3 to an airport express using only open source

    OK, so I got this far, but when I issue the above command, I get this:

    mcs -out:JustePort.exe *.cs
    bash: mcs: command not found


    The correct command to use is:
  5. Re: HOW-TO easily update Firefox [Fireupdate]

    Thanks so much for this script. It is very handy!

    One thing I discovered is that I did have to kill Firefox before running the script in order for it work. If I tried running it with Firefox...
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