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    [ubuntu] Re: Desktop failure at start up

    That identified the problem: unity was not installed.

    Thinking back, I think unity was listed by synaptic in the "Local or obsolete" category a while ago and may have been auto-removed, but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Desktop failure at start up

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give it a try once I boot back into Ubuntu from Mint.

    Ctrl-Alt-T is one of the emacs commands (transpose symbols) that the desktop has been hijacking for years...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Desktop failure at start up

    I've had the same problem since this morning. Ubuntu 12.10, login and there is no desktop sidebar and no top bar, no way to run anything.

    Switch VT's and login to a terminal session, I can't find...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Unity side-launcher: specific case for relocation

    I just went through a similar search for solutions to the same problem. Relocating the launcher would help me. But the real solution is to make the autohide work correctly with a stylus or touch...
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    [ubuntu] Re: qjackctl and pasuspender


    Really would like some advice from someone who knows something about this.

    Just now I've encountered another qjackctl queerness. I tried to start jackd with the netone driver, and...
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    [ubuntu] qjackctl and pasuspender

    The current version of qjackctl (0.3.8-1) on Oneiric 11.10 installs a script in /usr/bin/qjackctl which runs pasuspender before launching /usr/lib/qjackctl/ajackctl.real, which results in pulse audio...
  7. Re: PLEASE READ: Turbulence ahead: New X stack coming to natty

    Mine has been a total botch all along. No menus work on the desktop, it never writes a usable grub.cfg, and today it just black screens on boot.

    Boot the natty "recovery" image from the grub...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Boxee in 9.10???

    I just tried installing boxee- in a 64bit system. After using getlibs to install the needed 32bit libraries, I get the following error when launching:

  9. Re: 64bit flash player: complaint and a fix

    Doesn't work for firefox or google chrome under Karmic as of today.

    Firefox gets blown right out of existence. Google Chrome puts up an sick face in place of video and fingers
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    Re: Straw poll on upgrading.

    What I don't understand, and I apologize for not reading all the other responses here, is why the repos cannot get their acts together to avoid this issue instead of pushing it out into the laps of...
  11. Re: Held Back Pakages from Upgrade

    The grub stuff comes because the latest grub2 packages are forcing removal of the old grub. Search for grub in synaptic, remove the packages of the old generation of grub, update the packages of the...
  12. tuesday 10-06 kernel - losing tablet functions

    The Tuesday updates broke the wacom stylus on my x200 tablet.

    The eraser side of the stylus still works. The touch sensitivity of the tablet still works. The trackpointer still works. But the...
  13. Re: overfull installation windows

    Then maybe there should be no Install option on the live CD boot menu?

    -- rec --
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    Re: beta torrents not working?

    I didn't check the MD5SUMS, but it matches:

    root@elf11:~# md5sum ../ISO/ubuntu-9.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso
    ced0c064235323257015f291fe096bbd ../ISO/ubuntu-9.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso...
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    hardware time confusion

    I installed the beta yesterday.

    When I started the install, my hardware clock was running my local time zone, 6 hours west of UTC. When I finished the install, my hardware clock was still...
  16. Re: overfull installation windows

    Bump, de bump.

    This is still an issue with the Beta release. From installation window 4 of 6 onward the [cancel][back][forward] buttons are positioned off screen with no way to move them on...
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    Re: beta torrents not working?

    What worked for me was to leave the transmission client sitting with the error from the tracker and go research the problem. By the time I went back to check, the torrent was 1/3rd downloaded. It's...
  18. overfull installation windows

    I've been testing from an upgraded jaunty for a while, but I just tried a clean install of alpha6 to see if it addresses some other problems.

    When I got to the disk partitioning dialog, the window...
  19. Re: Network manager looks like macosx one :/

    Yep, that's what happened when I went to look. Fell right off the wireless network, luckily I have a wired connection sitting here.
  20. Re: Superblock last write time is in the future! = Profit?

    This started happening to me during the upstart-less updates yesterday, so I kept getting kicked into a maintenance shell with superblocks dated in the future.

    What I was seeing was that the...
  21. [ubuntu] Novatel / Verizon MiFi 2200 personal hotspot

    I've been using the MiFi with Ubuntu for over a week, from Seattle to Santa Fe on a road trip, and it's been great. Particularly nice when you pull into a hotel that claims to have network access...
  22. [mythbuntu] Re: Getting PulseAudio 0.9.15 but not Alsa 1.0.19

    You're getting new versions of lib*asound2*, I guess those are the only parts of alsa that the new pulse needs to update.

    -- rec --
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Problem upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04 (not booting anymore)

    Okay, the current version of nvidia-180-kernel-source is 180.44-0ubuntu1, which matches the message you got.

    I'd try to reinstall the other version 180 nvidia driver packages, so, from the text...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Video card not working after update

    Yes, there was a Jaunty testing thread about problems with intel video which recommended some fairly dire fixes. I was just looking for it. Here's a newer one:

  25. [all variants] firefox has two different full screen modes?

    Firefox has two different full screen modes.

    One is toggled by F11. The window borders and title bar go away and you have the Firefox UI inside a full screen window.

    The other is entered by...
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