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  1. [all variants] Re: yaVDR, an Ubuntu based, multimedia/digital TV distro

    Is there a way to install cccam or some softcam in the yavdr 0.5 beta release just out? Have tried all these guides but none work for me yet. Whats the easiest way to get sc going and booting with...
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    Re: Beverage of choice?

    I know what you mean about water, but here in london water tastes like rotten socks.

    My only drink of choice is coffee.

    I am t-total and am glad i never drink.
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    Re: Paul Allen vs The World -- Again???

    Man so much to do with microsoft is just plain evil. Power absolutely corrupts or what.
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    Re: How does microsoft fall under 50% market share?

    Would need a dumbed down version of os, or cloud computing with those devices doing all the net things from devices that access clouds. Windows is dumbed down os, so it would be hard to turn people...
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    Re: Talk about bad luck

    Some wireless headphones have a switch for different freq just in case.
  6. Re: Make a wish , everybody get in here ;) Happy Christmas to Ubuntu

    Be careful what you wish for, is such a true statement. Look how mourinho and inter won everything, and ask yourself why they are not being awarded by footie top brass.
  7. Re: Another silly "pick my laptop for me" thread...

    Your always best when buying new lappy, is backup the c drive and totally wipe it then and reinstall windows with original disk. All the software that is gone is alot, and all that bloatware does...
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    Poll: Re: Richard Stallman Takes No Shine to Chrome OS

    The point is they con people to join in. Cloud computing will come, and they will bring you all new toys to make these things seem normal. You can totally ignore the cloud computing thing, but you...
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    Re: Android Outselling Windows Phone 7

    We will see. You can imagine that most all people who use computers hardly use them for anything other than just a few things. We have to agree to disagree. But thats why i reckon ms has come into...
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    Re: Android Outselling Windows Phone 7

    They are doing it as cloud computing will come sooner or later, and windows may have to deal with this, how will that work?
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Any chance of you guys doing a up to date guide for installing vdr into ubuntu 9.

    Any chance of anyone doing a new guide for the new version of ubuntu?
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    Re: How much would you pay?

    I would pay for support if they agreed that they would help me install vdr, in my htpc. I tried all guides but it never gets installed.

    Anyone here with alot of experience willing to help me do an...
  13. [ubuntu] What are the first things you need to install straight after first install of 9.10

    I am new to ubuntu and linux. I have seen from playing with it for a week you need to install various apps after install, like autoconf and make.
    Can anyone name all the apps you need to install...
  14. Re: US Secret Service relies on 1980s mainframe at 60% capacity

    This is absolute bull, they have super computers doing all sorts of things, just that will not be telling us.
  15. [ubuntu] Any chance of you guys doing a up to date guide for installing vdr into ubuntu 9.10

    Is there any chance of a new guide from you great chaps for ubuntu 9.10 with vdr and cccam. I have tried a few of the net and gets loads of errors.

    If there is no chance of a new guide for 9.10...
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