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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Samsung NC10 - Ubuntu 11.10 backlight flashing at startup

    One thing though, just reboot after installing the samsung-backlight package. For me it didn't work straight after install. But fixed the problem adjusting it and the flashing when on battery power.
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Hi, sounds great does that include webcam and microphone ? Skype working fine ? Suspend/resume as well ?
  3. [ubuntu] Re: kernel security upgrade fails on depmod

    figured it out :

    To get dpkg unstuck I ran

    sudo dpkg --remove --pending
  4. [ubuntu] kernel security upgrade fails on depmod

    A security upgrade of the kernel is leaving my computer a bit stumped : it freeze gnome hard on depmod. switching to a virtual console, I see plenty of ata errors.

    the update manager recommends to...
  5. [ubuntu] Google earth server login fails when running as a normal user

    I've installed google earth 5 in my home directory (as my regular user i.e. no sudo) and it starts up fine but if I run it without sudoing, it just sits there displaying no data whatsoever. In the...
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    [kubuntu] Re: connect wifi network at boot

    Thanks, but what I mean is that I want NM to connect to the network even before any user is logged in. Is there any way ??
  7. [kubuntu] Re: Applications in Kubuntu can't see network

    I think the issue is that Dolphin navigates and mounts network drive "on the fly". You need to permanently mount the network drive by adding an entry into /etc/fstab along the lines of
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    [kubuntu] connect wifi network at boot

    I am running squeezecenter on 8.10 and it works all fine. The issue is that the machine connects to the wifi network through network manager. Is there a way to auto connect through network manager or...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Wireless rt2x00pci Maximum 1 Mb/s

    Sorry can't help any more than that, one thing which works is that I get a connection quickly and reliable. If it could be fast, it'd be awsome.

    Anyway, the rt2x00pci has been broken for a long...
  10. Re: Palm Pre. True iPhone competitor, running Linux :-)

    My bet is on the latter (access the hw directly through the OS). But if it's Linux based, then the source will have to come out.

    It looks like a very interesting machine. It's on my shortlist now...
  11. [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu 8.10 does not unlock after "Lock"

    Are you able to get to a console using ctrl+alt+f1 or is the computer locked hard ?
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    [kubuntu] Re: Wireless rt2x00pci Maximum 1 Mb/s

    A note to all those using serial monkey's drivers, don't forget to recompile when you upgrade to a new kernel.

    If using network manager matters more than having a permanent connection then you can...
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    [kubuntu] reinstall grub after installing XP

    I am going to reinstall XP on my PC but it also will wipe out the MBR. Can I do a boot grub usb key or floppy so that I can boot kubuntu and from their configure grub for dual boot ?
  14. [kubuntu] reconfigure xorg from konsole in kubuntu 8.10


    I am lost, stopped working after enabling the nvidia drivers. I thought I'd be able to reconfigure xorg using sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg but the resulting xorg.conf file...
  15. Re: HOWTO: Hear multiple sounds using Both ESD & ALSA

    you might find that realplayer still doesn't work after switching to alsa. this is because it is looking for /dev/dsp which is the oss device. Fortunately, alsa includes oss emulation. to enable it,...
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    Re: Howto: about sound in Hoary & Linux

    Alsa also comes with Oss emulation. That's how OSS based apps are catered for in other distros. But it seems that ubuntu doesn't include it, at least for the sound blaster driver emu10k1 in my case. ...
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