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    User mail over LAN?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to be able to send like messages over LAN from a computer, like email, except every user account is the "email" account. Like take this scenario: A computer lab admin...
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    Postfix/Dovecot install:

    I've been trying to install a mailserver. I've tried a billion times and this is the closest time for me being succesful. My mail server name is "bone", while my client computers name is ShadyNet,...
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    Re: Send mail to LAN computers?

    Yea, no one answered it like at all, so I thought I might have to ask it somewhere else
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    Send mail to LAN computers?

    I am trying to get postfix to work on a server in my schools computer lab. Let me give you a clearer idea of what I want:

    One "admin" computer, it has the ability to send mail to any of the client...
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    LAN postfix setup???

    I want to setup a mail system for my schools computer lab and I don't know how. I don't want to setup bind or domain names or anything. Just something that I would enter the user@host from any...
  6. Re: Advice for computer lab?? Mail? Backup?

    What about mail? Like if I wanted to send out a message to every user on every computer, would I be able to do that?
  7. Advice for computer lab?? Mail? Backup?

    I'm a 2-year linux user, I usually use Arch/Gentoo for desktops, but whenever I want to something that involves servers, of couse I would use Ubuntu. 've only did an ubuntu web server once, and that...
  8. How to replace the logo on the GDM login screen on Arch Linux

    I have an Arch Linux system that I made a couple days ago. When I used to use Fedora, the Fedora Logo appeared on the GDM login screen. How can you put the Arch Linux logo on though
  9. Can GNOME and KDE coexist on the same Arch Linux system?

    I have an an Arch Linux system that I installed a couple days ago, I have Cinnamon, GNOME, GNOME classic, and GNOME Flashback(they changed the name from GNOME fallback to flashback)on it, I know that...
  10. Re: How many packages does Debian have? and Arch?

    I meant those not in the Debian reposotries
  11. How many packages does Debian have? and Arch?

    I'm a really big fan of Debian and Arch, and I know for a fact that Debian has the largest amount of official packages in their repositories, though I never knew how many, I also know that arch has a...
  12. [gnome] Is MATE very similar to the GNOME 2 desktop?

    I'm a very big fan of GNOME 2. I posted another thread about if I could have the classic mode included on debian and have it on other distros. And I really wants to have the same interface back, I...
  13. How to get Debian 7 GNOME Classic or Arch Linux

    I have a Arch linux system that runs GNOME 3.8.2 and another system that runs the new Debian Wheezy 7.1 that came out a few days ago. I really LOVE the GNOME Classic mode that is included on Debian...
  14. How to get the Arch Linux Logo on GNOME 3.8.2?

    I have this Arch system with GNOME that I made a couple months ago, the computer that it's on has 4 gigs of RAM and a triple-core AMD Phenom II. While I was browsing the internet bone day, I saw Arch...
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    [other] Re: Best Samba File server OS?

    But is Gentoo easy to install and configure? I've used Arch Linux a lot, so is Gentoo a bit like Arch?
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    [other] Best Samba File server OS?

    I have had intermediate experience with linux and I want to make my vista computer a server that runs linux. It has 4gb of RAM, and an AMD Phenom II 2.3 triple core. I just want a simple Samba file...
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