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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Nvidia Driver 319.23

    Check out my blog. I have made a pretty good walkthrough for bumblebee.

  2. Re: Avconv Error when trying to stream on

    install libavcodec-extra-53.
    You also may need to install "lame" in order to get sound to work, if you haven't already installed it.

  3. Re: Acer V3-771G-6851 Nvidia Optimus / Boot Problems

    I have an entire How-TO install Linux Mint 14 and install Nvidia Optimus support on my blog.

    Hope this helps anyone with the same questions
  4. Re: Acer V3-771G-6851 Nvidia Optimus / Boot Problems

    Latest update. Found out that adding acpi=off to the grub line worked. Since having that option added at all times can be damaging to your system due to fan shut off. I added acpi_osi=Linux and...
  5. Re: Acer V3-771G-6851 Nvidia Optimus / Boot Problems

    ok so i have added i915.modeset=0 to my grub file. It starts up with no problem now, but i still cant logout or press Ctrl + Alt + F2 without having a solid white screen, and having to restart.
  6. Acer V3-771G-6851 Nvidia Optimus / Boot Problems

    OK, i just got this laptop a few days ago. It came with windows 8 pro 64bit. I went into bios and disabled the UEFI and tried to install linux. I have been trying a few distros but the one ive been...
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    Re: STEAM on Linux BETA

    For people having problems running serious sam 3 BFE on 64bit linux, and notice terrible glitching. You should install libpci3 32bit library. It helped out, but also the upgrade to Nvidia's graphics...
  8. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    Usually after installing the latest version of wine from winehq's ppa, i just download the installer for Wow, from, then in a terminal change to the directory the install file is and i put...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wireless connector

    I have this device, and it only seem's to have instantly started working after kernel 3.2. Works great, always has good signal, and never randomly drops connection on me


  10. [lubuntu] Lubuntu 12.10 wont detect my M-Audio Axiom 61 midi keyboard

    I just got an Axiom 61 today, and when i plugged it into my usb port, the screen lights up blue, but without any numbers on it, and it kind of flickers. I restarted my computer, and at certain parts...
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    Re: Linux vs Netflix

    Also, if DRM is keeping people from copyrighting movies in Windows, wouldn't adding it to Moonlight do the same to linux users?? If it is ported correctly, it could operate the same way as it does...
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    Re: Linux vs Netflix

    Why are they so afraid of LINUX USERS, copyrighting their movies, when a person who uses windows can easy do it as well? Not like it's hard to hook up a DVR to your video out on your computer and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How-To: Creative X-Fi

    Has anyone figured out a way to get the External I/O drive to work for the Sound Blaster XFI Platinum??


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    [ubuntu] Re: BELKIN F7D1101 USB Wireless Adapter

    So far, i have noticed that the second you get a PCI D-Link wireless adapter, and throw it in your linux just works. No questions asked. So D-Link is the best for Linux compatibility. They...
  15. Re: Do you think Star Trek Online will be available for Linux users?

    We need to get an app, that can patch any Windows Native Game folder, and make a Linux Client that loads the package files as a native client. Sounds tricky, but i beleive it could be possible if it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No sound with Fx-1 card

    My sound is working with the latest version of Alsa, without having to install the creative driver. But does anyone know of or heared if they have been able to get the I/O Module for the Sound...
  17. Re: Netflix kills all hope for Instant viewing on Linux

    So Wait, Hold on a Sec. The Damn Boxee runs a Linux OS that brings Netflix to your TV. So why cant a Linux OS on a Desktop Computer, stream Netlfix? Explain that to me.

    Either we got people who...
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