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    [ubuntu] Re: help needed with empathy and pidgin

    Hi, I have the same problem today as my landlord just bought a new router and right afterwards my emesene reported this error, although now we have a solution, I suspect there is something to do with...
  2. [ubuntu] windows resume very slowly when Compiz enabled

    I have this annoying problem where when I resume a window from the taskbar, it takes around 1 sec to come up on my ATI 3400, read about this article
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 9.10 ubuntu software centre difficult to use

    problem soved, cheers.
  4. [ubuntu] 9.10 ubuntu software centre difficult to use

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone got fed up with how the new software centre works in 9.10? I used to select a bunch of software from the list but now it seems to only allow me to select then install one...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I use Ubuntu on my desktop as my full workstation(everything including programming, office suites , gaming, etc), and my laptop running HDTV just for watching tv program in windows xp, and nothing...
  6. [ubuntu] Ubuntu crashed when playing music or video files

    My ubuntu Hardy developed a problem just a few days ago when I played either music or video files located on my hard disks, the system just got crashed after playing a while, i have got no...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: sharing files with virtualbox ubuntu hardy and xp

    The easiest way to share is to use VirtualBox build in function, in your xp setting there's a shared folder section, add the location from your ubuntu folder so that you could see it in your windows...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to auto mount NTFS partition at startup?

    I'm using 8.04 but its not mounted automatically on the startup at all, kinda curious why here!:)
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    [ubuntu] How to auto mount NTFS partition at startup?

    Hello everyone,
    I have the latest Ubuntu installed on my pc and I just wonder is there a way to mount my other windows partition automatically at Ubuntu startup, I saved my music on those...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ethernet not working in 8.04

    I just solved the problem after updating components using my usb connection, and my ethernet is working properly now.
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    [ubuntu] Ethernet not working in 8.04

    Ubuntu had problem of dealing with my Ethernet LAN since I upgraded to latest version 8.04 Hardy, the connection was flawless when using previous version 7.10, I tried to use my usb internet...
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    [ubuntu] application size problem?

    I have encountered a problem regarding to application size, basically every time when I opened up an application say Firefox, it came up with full size(stretched to four corners) despite I...
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