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  1. [all variants] Re: USB Drive won't mount after setting up a Android x86 iso to it

    Installed it, restarted, and nothing. Thanks anyway. Never even thought that setting up Androidx86 on the drive via USB Writer would do this. Live and learn I guess. :/
  2. [all variants] USB Drive won't mount after setting up a Android x86 iso to it

    Hello, Running 14.04 (64bit), well the Mint version but still, don't think it matters in this case. In a attempt to test out Android x86 in Live-CD I setup the lastest android x86 iso onto my storage...
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    Re: Network blocked via Network Adapter?

    It would seem there is some other reason. Changed the mac address, but still same problem. Unless someone has another idea on how I could be blocked on a specific wireless adapter and not others then...
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    Re: Network blocked via Network Adapter?

    Well I've connected to a my wireless router at home (it's not connected to the net as I don't have it at hom, but I've at least connected with the router itself) without a problem. So it seems like...
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    Network blocked via Network Adapter?

    I was wondering how if its possible (and how probable) it is to be blocked from a network based on your network adapter somehow. I ask because I use the local library for internet and a few days ago...
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    Re: What app should be reported?

    I won't know until later, all I know is that that the computer seem to sense something plug in then decided to do nothing about it. It didn't seem to show up anywhere. Though will check it later, at...
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    What app should be reported?

    I use a old IDE drive as a backup and connect to it via a USB to IDE/SATA connector. Up until I think 13.04 I had no trouble connecting to it even if it took Ubuntu about a minute or two to recongize...
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    Re: 64bit with 2.5GB of ram worth it?

    I wish I could finish my upgrade to 4GB of ram, have the 2GB stick to do it too, if only I could get those screws out so I can get to the slot under the keyboard and if I could only kick the rear of...
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    64bit with 2.5GB of ram worth it?

    I on the fence atm. I have 2.5GB if ram with intel core 2 Duo processors and do want to get the most out of my processors but not sure if its worth the increased usage of ram. I'm unoffically maxed...
  10. Re: Microsoft to give away Windows 8.1 for free! OMG

    Perhaps, though they should probably remember that one doesn't become a leader by following.

    At anyrate I'd probably not download it anyway, but I suppose if someone is incline or for some reason...
  11. Isolinux.bin missing error a Bootable USB for WIndows 7 (USB setup in 13.10)??

    Ok so I wanted to put my backup of my windows 7 DVD back onto a USB drive I generally use for both it and Linux distros. So I formated the Drive to NTFS and set the boot flag using gparted. Then...
  12. Anyone else having issue with getdeb repo?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the getdeb repo? Fresh installed 13.10 and the connection with getdeb repo is sluggish to non-existant for me.
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    Re: Are we living through historic times?

    Sixth Wave: Resource Based Economies are adopted, civilization prospers more then ever
    Seventh Wave: The True Space Age Begins, and we're living on other worlds besides earth.
    Eigth Wave: ?
  14. Seeing Light in a New Light: Scientists Create Never-Before-Seen Form of Matter

    "Harvard and MIT scientists are challenging the conventional wisdom about light, and they didn't need to go to a galaxy far, far away to do it.

    Working with colleagues at the Harvard-MIT Center...
  15. Re: Multiple wireless connections = Better speed?

    I asked because I use my local library for its wireless internet access and sometimes I have to sit at places in it where the signal power is low with DL speeds associated with it. Been trying it and...
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    Re: Phasing out Google: alternatives to GMail is another good one it seems even have quite a select of @ endings when you setup account and can connect other email accounts to it if you wanted. Dunno about encryption for messages with...
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    Re: Newegg now has a Ubuntu netbook for sale

    lol Almost better then my laptop. Only thing my laptop has over is processor (Intel Core 2 Duo, both cpus at 2 GHZ). Though could upgrade meh ram from 1GB to 4. Dunno what the max is for hard drive...
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    Re: Solar powered Ubuntu laptop

    You get power off solar panels even on cloudy days, just not as much.
  19. Re: Are you supporting the Ubuntu Edge campaign?

    Like the idea, but no money to spare. Would otherwise. They're totally not going to meet goal. On the plus side though, the 10M they raised already is a record I hear, when it comes to timed...
  20. Multiple wireless connections = Better speed?

    I'm curious, would I have better download speeds if I have my internal wireless card & my usb adapter connected to the same public wifi signal? Haven't really thought about it until now. I mean I...
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    Re: Is it cruel to keep pets?

    I'd say keeping them as a pet in of itself no. I don't see it as cruel and they tend to live a lot better and longer then in the wild. Obviously this depends on the family they're with, as some...
  22. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    Same. Fallout 3 and games in general just works best for me on Windows XP. More so because I only have 1GB of ram and using wine is often not the same. And its not just the games themselves, big user...
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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    lol This is still alive? This was started back in 2007 XD
  24. Re: If MS made a linux version that ran Windows programs natively

    Not nesscerily lets not forget our systems are GNU/Linux, with GNU being the filesystem and what not. Linux after all is just a kernal. ;) Anyway I don't see them remaking their OS around a Linux...
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    Re: GET DEB Down?

    Yea looks it, down for me too, well the website seems to be, the repos seem to be fine?
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